Friday, September 18, 2015

Three Ways: Art Deco Heels

"Hi, my name is Alison, and I fall in love with the wrong shoes."

So, guess what? I'm obsessed with stupidly expensive shoes. Something that never happens (except when I loved these, or these; I am still seriously jonesing for these). Don't think I can justify a splurge right now but let's pretend they are in my closet, ready to party.

Opening Night

These shoes definitely want to get dressed up and go out, maybe to great night at the theater or the ballet (hard to believe but it is almost Nutcracker season -- since high school, one of my favorite holiday traditions has been seeing a performance at Lincoln Center). I've fallen in love with this gorgeous graphic print dress, which can definitely be dressed up or down. I have a few fancy topper coats that are perfect for this kind of occasion -- this faux fur collar coat is very pretty. These starburst earrings are my go-to for getting gussied up, and this clutch is simple but smart.

Birthday Dinner

I think these shoes would be perfect for a more low-key special occasion, like your best friend's birthday dinner. This tuxedo top is cool and super easy. And a pair of slim ankle pants will make sure the attention is wear it belongs: on your feet. A gold bracelet, enormous cocktail ring, and cute bag add sparkle.

Workday Fabulous

If you have a casual Friday policy in your office, you might be able to turn it into fabulous Friday with these shoes. Let them peek out from under some long and lean flare-leg jeans and you'll flash just the right amount of personality for the workplace. Keep everything else pretty simple -- this tie-neck blouse is pretty and professional. I always love a couple of chunky rings, and how great is this sleek watch?

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