Monday, September 21, 2015

Emmy Fashion

The best part of any award ceremony is the fashion (which is why I can't watch the VMAs anymore -- it's just like an assault on my eyeballs...and my soul). It's been a while since we've had a really wow iconic moment on the red carpet (I think it's partly because Rachel Zoe isn't styling anymore -- she is annoying, but she has an impeccable eye), but at last night's Emmys I saw quite a few looks that I really loved, and some that just made me sad. Let's recap:

The Good 

Best dressed for me was January Jones in a funky emerald green pantsuit. Out of all of the looks on the carpet, this is what I wanted to be wearing. Nontraditional, yes. I'm sure some would say this isn't dressy enough, but I say: one, she's not a nominee and two, it's the Emmys. These are actors whose best work is viewed by people who have been watching Netflix for hours, probably pants-less. I think off-beat and a little casual works here. I don't always love what January wears, but she's never boring and she is a true chameleon. The color is perfection, her hair and makeup are lovely, and the fit is sharp and sexy.

I also loved Kerry Washington's look...mostly. I don't mind a tea-length dress, but I just wish this one was floor-length. Still, I love the shine, I love the neckline, and I love how it all works to show off the very best part of the look, KW's face. I mean, seriously. That face.

This Naeem Khan dress is so, so beautiful. Unfortunately, it's kind of wearing Ellie Kemper instead of the other way around. It's gorgeous, vibrant, interesting, and very unique. It needed different hair and makeup, or maybe just an all together different gal to wear it. Still, just knowing it exists makes me very, very happy.

I don't know who Jaimie Alexander is, but she can wear a dress. Sleek, sexy, and colorful -- lots of fun. I think this is her first trip to the Emmys, and I'd say it was quite a debut. (Side note though: the hair, bleh. I don't know, was it the heat? I saw way too many wet, greasy 'dos out there).

Lady Gaga loves to shock, and sometimes simple and understated is the most shocking thing one can do.

Mindy is never afraid of color, and I smiled every time she popped on screen in this juicy citrus shade. She just always looks like she's having a ball, and isn't that the best way to look at a big party?

OK, I didn't completely love the dress, but she wore it well. Her look is strong, elegant, confident -- honestly, the dress is kind of the last thing you notice. So I'm putting her on my list for her historic win and fantastic speech. Listen, I discovered Viola Davis on an episode of Law and Order:Criminal Intent years ago, and I've just been waiting for everyone else to come around and fall in love with her, too. What took so long?

Zoe Kazan caught my attention when she floated on stage as part of the Olive Kitteridge team (totally adding that to my watch list, it sounds amazing). I'll say that I probably wouldn't like this dress if I saw it up close, but from afar the red and white stripes blurred into a vibrant pink that looked fantastic with her simple blond bob. Honorable mention.

The Bad

Text from me to my BFF: I missed the red carpet -- how does everyone look?

BFF: I saw Heidi Klum wearing a dress that is part figure skater, part Big Bird and I decided would never turn on the TV again.

I love Christina Hendricks, and you know I love me some Joan Holloway, but I don't love this dress. It's not her worst look, but I still hate it. It just seems to be working so hard, yet not working for her. Her hair and makeup are simple and fine.

Ugh. I don't really know what Julianne Hough does, but she's far too young to be wearing this tacky, ugly dress. 

There's nothing really wrong with the dress -- it's simple, maybe a tad safe -- but I think the look as a whole is a miss. It almost looks like she's just out of the shower with a fluffy pink towel draped just so around her. Jessica Pare is gorgeous (almost distractingly so on Mad Men), but the severe hair and subdued makeup don't do her any favors.

I was hoping there would be a puppet show at some point but no, just a weird dress.

Did you have a favorite look last night, or were you watching Fear the Walking Dead?

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