Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fall Wishlist: Part VII

5. Lace Top

A delicate lacy top is a great buy this fall. Perfect for layering, and a great compliment to heavy fabrics like tweed, wool, and velvet. There are plenty to choose from this season, but here are my favorites:

The Kooples Lace Top -- this blouse is confident and sexy, and I'm a sucker for a cute bow.

Zara Lace Top -- this version with a boxier shape is a bit more relaxed and seems easy to dress up or down. 

H&M Lace Blouse -- navy blue is a bit unexpected, but still super pretty. 

Maje Troy Lace Blouse -- the pattern of the lace is a bit swirlier than most ("swirlier" is the official fashion term, btw). This top is so sweet and innocent if worn with a camisole, and a bit naughtier with just a bra (I'm thinking black, or maybe neon pink).

Putting together outfits around these pretty blouses is so easy. Let's take a look...

Right now, I'd pair this bow blouse with a cute tweed skirt and chunky loafers (these are from Target - so great, right?). Simple, delicate gold jewelry adds a finishing touch. This is an easy top to dress up for evenings with a velvet blazer, skinny jeans, and heels. And why not add a little sparkle -- maybe with a few rings and a bag.

6. Cool Necklace

Splurging on a great necklace this season is a great way to stretch your wardrobe. An eye-grabbing necklace can be a lifesaver on lazy days (magically transforming your dress or jeans/tee into an outfit), and it can help you add new life into some of the older pieces in your wardrobe. Some good ones to consider:

Bauble Bar Jurassic Collar -- I love the size of this piece, and I can never get enough of a tortoise shell pattern.

Fairchild Baldwin Bella Necklace -- a bold pop of color (and super flattering right around your face).

Stella and Dot Utopia Necklace -- we've discussed this necklace before, and I'm still pretty smitten. Think about your wardrobe -- if you favor shades of blue and green or neutrals like black and white, this could be a smart buy.

H&M Short Necklace -- you don't have to drop a ton of money to get a pretty piece. This simple H&M bib is just the right amount of statement for just the right amount of cash.

Sometimes when I'm in need of wardrobe inspiration, I build my look around a favorite piece of jewelry:

This outfit is basically fifty shades of beige, but when you add that necklace, boom. You can pull together some of your favorite summer pieces and turn them into a fall look with a trench coat and necklace. A bold piece of jewelry also works with a strong graphic look -- it would really pop against a striped dress and blazer. Easy, pulled together dressing (no matter how many times you hit snooze).


  1. Just found you through Instagram. Really love the Fall Wishlists you've put together! So dreamy!