Friday, February 13, 2015

Three Ways: Valentine's Day

I stumbled across these beautiful shoes from Zara and immediately started thinking about how surprisingly versatile sandals like this would be. 

Zara Trf High-Heeled Sandals ($59.90)

They'd be absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day, no matter what your plans might be. Here's how I would wear these shoes for a great night out:

Pink and red are obvious choices for a romantic Valentine's Day look, but why not stand out in a super feminine black and white palette? This lace dress is demure but sexy, and it would look amazing peeking out of a dreamy little coat. I love these dangly earrings for a little extra sparkle.

You can add your pop of red with pretty flushed cheeks and then finish with sheer pink gloss and a few dabs of highlighter.

OK, maybe you just can't imagine not wearing red on Valentine's Day. I'd go with something a little different like this flirty midi skirt. You don't need much more than a fitted sweater and a great necklace (and the fabulous Zara shoes!) to put together a fashion-forward look that's perfect for dinner, dancing, or just strolling around town making everyone totes jelly.

I'd play up my eyes with lots of lashes (maybe even a few false ones). And I'd definitely go with a lip stain if you want red lips and you also want to do lots of smooching.

So maybe you won't be spending your Valentine's Day being wined and dined by the love of your life. Me neither -- but that doesn't mean I won't be having fun!

This is exactly what I want to wear as a single girl out and about on a day made for couples. This would be perfect for a night with friends...maybe dinner and a drinks at a fun bar. I'd want something totally comfortable but not sloppy, like a soft jacket and relaxed jeans. The shirt would definitely be a conversation starter...and in the event I meet a potential Mr. Peacoat, he should know right off the bat that this girl likes to eat.

A good chunky watch would be useful in case you're like me and may want to bail in time to catch House Hunters International. I'd stick with very low-key makeup -- fluffy lashes and the slightest hint of lip color (that coincidentally will keep my lips very very soft...).

Happy Valentine's Day...and however you choose to spend it, have fun and look fabulous!

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