Monday, September 28, 2015

September Budget

This month was fun. September is really a full throttle fashion month and I spent a lot of time browsing, dreaming, and actually buying.

Last month was a really light month -- my original total was $78 but I ended up returning the linen blazer, reducing my total to a whopping $33. Luckily I found more than a few things that caught my eye this month, so I was glad to have a little extra to dip into if I needed it.

Here's how this month looked:

Starting budget: $200 (plus $170ish from last month, if needed)


september budget

clockwise from l to r:

H&M Lace Top ($25) -- feminine, flirty, in the prettiest shade of green. I'm excited to wear this now but I know I'll love it for casual holiday parties come December.

Kate Spade Francoise Top (birthday gift) -- this pretty top is now sold out, but I snagged it for about $150 as a birthday gift for myself. Every year I treat myself to a special something, so this won't count against my monthly budget.

Mossimo Gold/Black Bracelet Watch ($10, on sale) -- *cue the choir of angels* You know I love me a chunky gold watch with a black dial, and I've been drooling over some pricey versions for months. I was considering splurging on as my birthday gift this year, and the Target came through with a great low-cost option. I've been wearing it non-stop and I LOVE the way it looks -- it doesn't have the heft of an expensive watch, but it's so easy to wear.  I'll admit I'm going to need to exchange this particular one because the clasp doesn't stay closed. I'm not mad (it was ten bucks), but I'm hoping I just got a bad one.

Forever 21 Frayed Striped Scarf ($15) -- this scarf looks so chic in person.

Dr. Scholl's Exercise Sandals ($20) -- super classic sandal with a fun stripe-y twist.

Banana Republic Factory Textured Raglan Top ($17, on sale) -- a sporty, cozy top that's equally perfect for lazy weekends (with leggings) and work (with tailored trousers). Bonus: I'm pretty sure the star of the Lifetime movie I was watching today (a murderous psychopath, no less) was wearing this top.

Target Reagan Platform Loafers ($32) -- these classic penny loafers on steroids have a jolie laide quality that I love.

Banana Republic Factory Cuff-Sleeved Top ($6, on sale) -- snagged this super soft top on a great outlet trip over Labor Day weekend. The photo doesn't really do it justice, this tee is long and perfectly drapey, exactly what I love to wear with leggings while I'm working from home.

Not pictured:

H&M Button-Front Dress ($35) -- a simple little black dress in a flattering style (instantly reminded me of this great Boden dress, minus the awesome retro print).

H&M Knit Sweater ($25) -- I love shoulder buttons, and I was drooling over a rack of these sweaters on Instagram a few weeks ago. I really wanted all of them, but decided on the gray as it fills a little hole in my wardrobe.

Total: $185 ($15 under budget)

Turns out I was still able to stay within budget without dipping into funds from last month. Awesome.

Last month I shared a bit of a wish list for September shopping, and I only ended up with one item (the KS blouse); the Zara top wasn't right in person, and I waited too long on the Old Navy bag as its now sold out. Still thinking about the sexy mermaid swimsuit, but I feel like I'll need to have a fun vacation booked before I pull the trigger.

For October, I don't really have any purchases in mind. I've certainly seen plenty of things that I love, but I need to admit that I have a reaaalllyy stocked closet right now. I'll be on the lookout for a first round of fall price cuts, but tiny sales aren't likely to turn my head. I'm stalking a few items on eBay as well, and might use this opportunity to spend some of my monthly budget on resale deals.

What did you add to your closet this month? Sharing is caring, so let me know what you're loving right now.

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  1. Love that watch! I'm impressed it was only $10. Too bad about the clasp, hopefully you can find one that actually stays shut.

    This month was all about navy for me. Dress pants, shoes, dress, shirt... everything but one cardigan was navy this month.

    1. Thanks -- I love it, too! I definitely don't want it to go flying off while I'm wearing it, so fingers crossed an exchange does the trick.

      Navy is a great color -- so flattering, and a perfect match for so many gorgeous fall colors!

  2. That H&M lace top is super cute! I also like the Forever 21 scarf you bought.

    1. Thanks! The color is stunning in person, and I love those little sleeves :)

  3. You reminded me to dig out my Dr. Scholl's slides. I have a nude-colored pair from high school that I packed away, hoping to bring out someday. Well, I think the time is now. (Although, I remember how much it hurt to step down if the sandal shifted and you stepped on the edge of the wood!)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yours sound great -- they are so timeless, right? And thanks for the warning -- one of them kind of flew right off of my foot as I was bopping around the house, so I'll need to practice walking in them a bit!

  4. I loove that green top and the KS top! I also bought myself a present from KS for my birthday. :)