Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fall Wishlist: Not-So Basics

fall wishlist part 2

Hey, we made it through the first half of my Fall Wishlist -- whew! I originally thought I'd post every day, but you know what? That's a lot of damn work. I need more hours in the day. (If you missed anything, you can head back to the start of the series, or catch up with any of the other posts here, here, here, and here.)

Last week I looked at some of those traditional pieces that you typically associate with fall and probably have been buying every year since you started shopping for yourself: cashmere, denim, deep rich color. And classic pieces are awesome (sometimes you feel like a nut). But I also have a list of things that are a little less expected (sometimes you don't). They're not the pieces that immediately scream fall, but they're still great buys this season. These are fun to mix and match with those classic pieces and the rest of your wardrobe to help you create some amazing fall looks that are just really...you.

I'm kicking things off with two of my FAVORITE categories on this list, so check back tomorrow (spoiler alert: you'll probably want everything).

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