Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall Wishlist: Wrapping Up

Hey, we made it -- the end of my fall shopping series. A list of a few (16, to be exact) of the biggest and most wearable trends for this season. If you missed anything, here is a quick round-up:

fwl P1

Fall is a season that is made for classics, and I really love indulging in some of those quintessentially autumnal pieces. I haven't done much shopping yet, but I have a good working list. I'm definitely planning on adding a few of these sweaters to my closet, I want a great black and white blouse, one of those great moto jackets, and a new bag.

And of course basics are great, but you probably want to add a little personality to your fall wardrobe. So don't forget to have some fun with a few less-than-obvious picks: 

Ugh, I really want everything. Crazy dresses, wiener sweaters, impractical and expensive shoes: gimme. Let's hope the sale gods are feeling generous in a month or so.

We just had our first breezy, (almost) cool evening here in Orlando tonight and I could actually picture myself wearing sleeves. Weather-wise we've got our best days ahead of us -- time to get my wardrobe ready!

Have you been doing any fall shopping yet? Anything good on your wishlist?


  1. Amazingly enough, I haven't done much in terms of fall shopping yet. I've picked up a short sleeved sweater (wearing on the blog today) and a thin printed cardigan, but that's it so far. I'm thinking maybe this weekend I'll head out and have a look around.

    1. Yes, I think I've kind of wanted to wait a bit -- do a lap so to speak to see what's out there, and then consider what to pull the trigger on. Smarter (though a little less fun!) than just buying everything that I like ;)