I like to keep a running wish list of items I want to add to add to my closet. Some of these are long-term goals, others are more attainable. This list will help me stay focused when shopping (better to have some items to look out for rather than aimless browsing), and if The Secret is real: universe please deliver these to me!

1. Fur collar coat

2. Gold square-faced watch

3. Ivory cable-knit cardigan

4. J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer

5. Longchamp Bag

6. Chic comfy flats

7. Sequin blazer

8. Marc Jacobs Hobo

9. Tortoise shoes

10. Black dial gold watch

11. LV Neverfull

12. Piped blazer

 13. Kate Spade Brook wedge

14. Classic Trench Coat

15. Boyfriend jeans

16. Chanel jacket

17.  Love ring

18. Iisli sequin top

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