Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fall Shopping List: Classics

One of my favorite fall memories came when I was living in a tiny studio apartment in New York. It was my first adult apartment (the most charming and mouse-infested brownstone ever) and my first time living on my own, all in a city that is pretty intimidating. I didn't really know anyone and I had that "tiny fish adrift in a big pond" feeling. I came home one night and as usual, stopped to check my mail. That's when I noticed them: half a dozen copies of the Vogue September issue, thick as phone books, piled on the floor. They were way too big to fit in the tiny mailboxes of our very old building, and since almost every apartment received one, I guess our mailman figured it was safe to just leave them there. It made me laugh, and it also gave me a hint of community -- I was among kindred spirits. Soon after that, I met some of the other ladies living in my building and we became the best of friends. (Just kidding -- it was New York, so we smiled and occasionally mumbled "good morning" when we passed in the hall).

Still, that September issue ritual became one of my favorite signs of fall, which is imminently approaching. I mean, damn, it's September 1st! (Ed: um, how did that happen?) I don't do Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and there aren't any big piles of leaves to jump in here in Florida, but there is one fall tradition that I can happily participate in: shopping.

I've been scouring my favorite magazines and blogs, doing plenty of (real and online) window shopping, and making my list of must-haves. I'm not planning on making too many purchases right now because it will be warm and toasty here for some weeks to come. But I have my eyes on some great pieces, so I thought I'd share them here while I'm waiting for cooler temps (and maybe even some sales).

And with that, I'm excited to introduce a new series: my Fall Shopping Wish List.

I've made my picks for some of the best buys this season, and I've broken them up into 2 categories. Part I will be classics. These are the things that you typically think of when you think fall fashion: cozy cashmere, crisp trench coats, rich colors. I also have some suggestions that are a little less expected (but still fun and on trend), which you'll see in Part II. Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing my favorite options in each of these categories and thinking about way to style them.

Whether you're heading back to school or are long past those days, fall represents a new year, a fresh start, a clean slate. With the right attitude (and maybe a few great additions to your wardrobe), anything is possible.

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