Friday, August 28, 2015

Three Ways: Sexy Strappy Heels

I fell in love with these shoes the moment I saw them. Ultimately I passed on them (I'm working on not just blindly satisfying every whim and desire -- it's not the most fun thing ever), but I did spend some time contemplating them and dreaming up lots of great ways to wear them:

Late Dinner Out

This was really my first instinct. I just love the idea of that sexy peep-toe platform peeking out from under a pair of super long, super slim flared jeans. These MiH Marrakesh flares are my absolute favorite denim silhouette ever. Legs. For. Days. I'd keep everything else simple -- a pretty white blouse, a classic bag, a cool necklace, and this funky tortoise ring.

Dancing All Night

I am always drawn to things with a sexy 70's Halston vibe. This wide-leg jump suit is perfect -- not too costume-y, super flattering. You don't really need too much else: great earrings and a little clutch with a touch of gold. Add a quick swipe of sheer red lipstick and you're ready to go.

(Very) Casual Friday

I don't think I would wear these shoes to work, but could you? Yes, I think so. You just want to shift the vibe from sexy to kind of mod, and a graphic shirt dress like this one from Boden is fantastic. Add some layers -- opaque tights and a good blazer. Finally, some office-friendly jewelry. I love this delicate necklace and a pretty rose gold watch. A sheer pink gloss like NARS Turkish Delight keeps it all very soft and sweet.

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