Friday, August 14, 2015

Three Ways: Cashmere Cardigan

Current status: daydreaming about fall 

Even though I may not be partaking in the usual fall shopping frenzy (at least right away), I love seeing what's hitting the stores and I'm putting together a little series of posts with the must-haves on my fall shopping list.  Nothing says fall more than a cozy cashmere sweater, and Uniqlo does affordable cashmere well. I'm really digging this pretty Elsa-esque blue color -- it's unexpected for fall (and would easily transition into winter and spring), and it's the kind of shade that's almost universally flattering.

Late Night Ice Cream Run:

Last night we enjoyed a rare treat in Central Florida: a clear, cool evening. Now that summer is starting to wind down, you may find yourself needing an extra layer once the sun goes down. Throw on your new cardigan over a cute tee and relaxed shorts for a late evening stroll (preferably right over to the ice cream shop). I don't always like to drag my purse everywhere, so a cute wallet is perfect here. And I love the combo of bright pink with bright blue -- these sandals are almost sold out, but you should absolutely grab them if your size is still in stock.

Best in Cubicle:

Some days, you just want everyone to take notice. These wide-leg red pants are very bold and super awesome. Pairing two bold primary colors might feel a little Kindergarten-esque, but a patterned blouse in a softer color palette is the bridge to a sophisticated and very grown-up look. I'd stick with accessories that are simple but not at all boring: a chic, sturdy shoegold studs, a totally practical gray satchel, and my favorite chunky gold watch with a black dial.

Gallery Hopping:

This funky librarian look is perfect for low-key evening plans -- checking out your friend's show at the local art gallery, perhaps. This printed shift dress is so timeless (a great little wardrobe workhorse) though perhaps a bit short for a tall girl, so I'd wear with tights to avoid endless fidgeting. This peacock colored necklace is really pretty and different. A cute mini satchel backpack is a fun twist on a classic style. And finally, my beloved chunky sandals would be just darling here.


  1. I love the pattern mixing and pops of color in the first outfit, the awesome red pants in the second, and that dress and peacock necklace in the third! And that blue color of the sweater is so pretty. The only cashmere I own is socks...I feel like I need a sweater!

    1. Those red pants are pretty boss, right? I would not mess with someone in sassy red pants.

      I love that peacock necklace too, but the price is a bummer. I wonder if I can convince a few friends to go in together and "share custody" :)

  2. That's a cool cashmere sweater. I have to try this sweater to pair for my new White+Warren sleeveless.