Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend To Do List

weekend to do

This post is coming to you from 30,000 feet over the Gulf of Mexico (love JetBlue, love FlyFi!). I'm no longer California dreaming -- vacation is finally here! I have a few posts scheduled for the week, and hopefully I'll have some trip photos and stories to share next week. Here's what my pre-vacation weekend looked like:

1. Cobb Me

I started my vacation a little early by taking Friday off. It's hard to leave for a week, and I thought it would be nice to have a "day off" before leaving town so I'd be around to check email and answer last minute questions. I also made plans with my friend Jen for a few hours of Friyay fun and headed over to Hollywood Studios for lunch. It was hot as balls and we didn't have much of an agenda other than stuffing our faces, but we did a little shopping, a little people watching, a little dancing with Olaf, and a few rides. The main attraction, however, was lunch at The Hollywood Brown Derby. If you are planning a trip to WDW, try to get a reservation at the Brown Derby. It is one of my favorite Disney restaurants and it serves my absolute favorite Disney meal, the classic Cobb salad (the original Brown Derby is where this bowl of heaven was conceived). Honestly, I come here at least once a month and always order the same thing. In addition to the salad, you get a basket of the best warm, crusty rolls and sweet butter topped with sea salt -- perfection. Jen ordered another basket of rolls the moment the first one arrived. And this is why we are friends.

2. Getting Pretty

I spend Saturday afternoon taking care of some getting pretty errands -- hair cut and color, trip to Sephora to pick up a few items (I love their On the Go section), and a DYI mani/pedi. I'm really overdue for a good salon pedicure (runners do not have cute feet), but when I looked at my trip budget and realized boarding my dog was going to cost $500+, I decided i needed to cut a few corners. 

3. Just a Little Shopping

This is an expensive month (in addition to my trip, I need to order a new pair of glasses, I am desperate for a new battery for my MacBook, and I need a new pair of running shoes - why can't those things just be free?), and I really haven't had much time to shop. But I did place a small J. Crew Factory order to take advantage of some great end of summer prices. I snagged this fabulous linen blazer (a wishlist item!) for less than $50 - hope it is as great in person as it is in my head.

4. (Almost) Out of Office

Even with my semi-vacation day, I still had some work to take care of before putting up that out of office message. I had a very exciting Saturday night that involved laundry and spreadsheets. Glamorous, I know.

5. Sunday Funday

The Parent Trap was my FAVORITE movie when I was a kid. I'm talking the original Haley Mills version, not the inferior (and at this point, depressing) 90's-era remake. I've seen it a million times but never on the big screen, so I was thrilled to see the local art house theater had a Sunday matinee. I convinced my man friend to accompany me, promising him a delicious brunch as a reward. It was fantastic -- there's just something about sitting in that dark theater and immersing yourself in a little piece of your childhood. We stopped at a local favorite, Se7en Bites, for a decadent brunch. Two words: S'mores Waffle. Hell, yes.

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