Thursday, August 27, 2015

August Budget

What a difference a month makes...

Last month was a bit of disaster that included a pricey splurge and a big Zara haul that put me way over budget. (A quick update there: I ended up returning the beautiful J. Crew shoes. It was a little sad because I did love them, but I couldn't justify the price when I really looked at the quality of the shoes). This month was the polar opposite -- almost no shopping at all. I had other priorities, and sometimes that's just the way it goes: I had a number of boring household-type expenses (new MacBook battery, new glasses, fresh highlights, etc.), I've been putting money away for my vacation, and I wasn't really interested in fall clothes because it's just too hot in Florida.

Here's how my August spending looks:

Starting Budget: $200

August Budget

J. Crew Factory Tipped Linen Blazer ($50, on sale) -- I actually haven't received this jacket yet, but assuming I keep it, I'll be counting this towards my August budget. I've been wanting a sharp white blazer with black piping for a while and caught a fairly rock bottom price (it's back to almost $100 now!). 

a.n.a Stella Thong ($18, on sale) -- I've loved these sandals all summer, and I picked them up during a nice end of summer sale. They're fun and add a nice pop of color to a lot of outfits.

J. Crew Factory Photo Collector Tee ($10, on sale) -- just a cool little tee. 

Total: $78 ($112 under budget)

I'll be tucking this $112 away in savings, but I'll reserve the right to dip into it in September or October when I might be tempted by great fall pieces.

I have been doing a lot of window shopping fall fashion (and I'll be starting a fun fall shopping series next week). Since this is a pretty short post, I thought I'd share some of the things I'm eyeing for September:

I really love this Zara blouse. It pushes all of my buttons: black and white, pretty piping, sheer flowy shape. I'm hoping to see it in store rather than ordering online because I am concerned it might be a little too short for my long torso.

How sexy is this mermaid-like swimsuit? I still have a lot of swimming months ahead of me, so it seems like a good buy.

Thakoon x Kohl's launches this month, and the preview images look great. I love this cozy marled sweater, among other things.

I fell in love with this blouse a few years ago, and I'm glad Kate Spade re-released it this year. It is marked down from it's original overinflated price, but I'll need another round of reductions before I can pull the trigger. But it's so pretty, right?

This bag looks amazingly chic in photos -- can you believe it is from Old Navy? I definitely want to check this out in-store. I've been let down by the quality level of ON bags in the past, but if this looks as good in real life, it would be an excellent fall buy.

Anything you have your eye on this season?

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  1. I have that green Modcloth swimsuit, and I love it. I definitely recommend it - I always get tons of compliments!

    1. Ooh, good to know -- it looks so cute! Thanks :)

  2. I'm eyeing that ON bucket bag for fall too! I've been wanting a bucket bag for a while, and that one is cute and a good price!

  3. Hahaha, I can tell we live in totally different climates. I never would have considered swimsuits a September buy, but I can see how it would be in your region. Love the linen blazer! I'd like to find something similar so I can wear a blazer in a colour other than black...

    1. Yes, swimming is basically a year-round activity here so I'll get a good cost per wear :) I'm excited about the blazer, I'm such a sucker for black and white.

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