Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekend To-Do List

We finally got the rainy weekend that was threatened last week. It put a wrench in some of my plans and my hair generally looked terrible, but I made the best of it.

First, some time at Give Kids The World -- have I mentioned how wonderful it is? You should check out this video to learn a little more and maybe even participate in the #GKTWChallenge -- it involves ice cream and Kevin Bacon, so it is obviously awesome.

Next up, some of the usual Saturday routine: gym, errands, lunch date at Chipotle. I am a total sucker for a good burrito bowl and waited in an insanely long line to get one.

But really, the bulk of my weekend was spent KonMari-ing the hell out of my apartment. So many trash bags, so much joy sparking. I've filled about 5 big trash bags so far and I have plenty more to do. It seems strange to say, but I do feel a bit a change in the apartment. It feels lighter, happier, and there a noticeable shift in energy flow.

You've probably heard some things about Marie Kondo's book (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying), but if you haven't actually read it, I'd recommend giving it a peruse. It is a very concise little book, and the way she explains her process really made me think about things quite differently. A few quick takeaways...

I hold onto things out of guilt -- the KonMarie method was kind of refreshing in the way it gives your permission to get rid of things that you just don't want or need. I think a lot of us have a block when it comes to getting rid of things that are useful or functional, even if we don't like or want them. It seems wasteful, but it's best to just let those things find their new home (off to a new owner, to a donation pile, or to the trash).

I overbuy certain things and I need to stop -- one of Marie's rules when tackling a particular category is to gather all of those items together, pull them out, hold them, and make decisions. Doing this opened my eyes to the fact that I have unknowingly become a "collector" of the weirdest shit:

*birthday cards (I'm a sucker for the pretty ones they sell at HomeGoods for just $1)
*ultra-girly notebooks and notepads (HomeGoods again...guess I need to stop going there)
*pretty pouches (I love these for makeup, travel, etc.), and strangely enough,
*packages of moist wipes (you know those ones you use on your face and hands)

These are all things that I use very often, and so I guess that's why when I see any of them I immediately think, "oh, I should grab one/some, I don't want to run out". But it turns out I don't use them nearly as fast as I restock them, so I need to lay off. Or find like 50 new best friends to send birthday cards to.

I have a paper problem -- one of my chronic problems is paper management. For years I have always had stacks of paper, bills, magazines, etc. stashed all over the place. I know I need to shred/file/recycle and just get too lazy, so I stuff everything in bag and hide it in the closet. Marie says that paper has to go, so I bought a shredder, I packed up a bag of newspapers (ok, 3 bags) to bring to the local animal shelter for the crates, and I'm going to make sure I go paperless with every bill, statement, and newsletter possible.

If it isn't working, change it -- I don't really know why, but as I was reading the book I had a realization that some areas of my apartment are just not working. I need to get rid of a few pieces of furniture that just aren't useful for me and find a few new things. When you can't make it work, make it better.

I just need to throw shit out -- Are Marie Kondo and Elsa the same person? Possibly. The KonMari method can be summed up as such: LET. IT. GO. It doesn't mean not holding on to some things that have sentimental value or are don't get used every day, but it does mean letting go of some of the excuses you have for keeping things that you just don't need. Bye, Felicia!

Treating myself to an episode of Mad Men and then heading to bed -- here's to a great week ahead!

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