Friday, August 21, 2015

Pack This: Summer Vacation

Who has two sequined mouse ears and is ready for vacation? This girl!

It's been a while since I've had a proper vacation and I'm about ready to burst. A little tip: if you can avoid it, I'd say don't wait until the last week of August to take your summer vacation. I've been SUPER jealous as I scroll through everyone's vacation snaps on Instagram, and I'm more than ready for some summer fun. The next best thing to being on summer vacation is planning for it, so I thought I'd share my packing list for this trip. 

Here are the details:


I'm headed to Southern California for a week -- a few days in Disneyland and a weekend visiting friends in Orange County (reallllly wanted to add a few days in LA, but it just didn't work out. Next time!) 


Mix and match options that will work for sightseeing, eating corn dogs, and having fun. Don't overpack. Don't overdress. Don't overthink.

The Plan:

Neutral tops + fun bottoms

I'm taking 5 sort of neutral tops and tees that all mix and match with 3 pair of shorts and a pair of jeans. I love that I'll have the flexibility to put together outfits based on my mood, the weather, our plans, etc. I'm making sure to include some layering options as well -- this thin, lightweight Zara sweater is perfect for cool nights and aggressive air conditioning.

Easy evening options

We have some nice dinners and a few grown-up type evening activities planned, but they'll still be relatively casual. My beloved romper and this cute dress (similar) are easy options that will fool people into thinking you made an effort.

Cute but comfy shoes

I promised myself I'm only bringing comfortable shoes, but luckily I have plenty of cute ones. These slides are chic and great for hitting the parks or just floppin' down to the pool. These sneakers are sporty/preppy perfection and one of my best buys ever (this color combo isn't available anymore, but there are other cute options). 

Not too many accessories

Sunglasses are essential -- I'm bringing one sporty pair and one glam pair. Two black and white bags will go with everything. A cute and flattering one-piece bathing suit is great for a quick dip in the pool. And I'm not bringing any jewelry (except maybe a watch) -- it just feels too fussy. With ears like those, who really needs more bling?


  1. Super envious of your vacation right now. Loving those print short too. Have fun relaxing :)