Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend To-Do List

Who else was super happy to see this weekend finally show up? After a long week that included a few days out of town on business, I was ready for some down time...

1. I started the weekend with a bang by...vegging on the couch with some snacks and bad TV. I had hoped to head out for dinner or something fun, but by the time I finished up with work I was exhausted (I actually closed my laptop and promptly fell asleep on the couch for half an hour, and I'm not usually a weekday napper). I decided it would be a good night to chill, so I did a quick 20-minute cleanup around the house, made a grocery run, and was comfortably settled on my couch by about 9pm. I did dinner a la Olivia Pope (big bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine) and found a good episode of Dateline to get sucked into (anyone else obsessed with that show? The Keith Morrison episodes are the best. So are the ones where the killer was someone other than the husband...oh wait, that never happens).

2. Saturday morning found me enjoying what has become my new routine -- a good sweaty workout (PiYo again, though I didn't love this particular lesson) a couple of errands, and then a big old burrito bowl at Chipotle for lunch. I wish I could explain why this makes me SO happy, but it just does. By lunchtime I've worked up a huge appetite, so a bowl of chicken and veggies and brown rice and guac is PERFECT -- just delicious and really filling. I've tried to wean myself off of diet soda, but this is the one time each week I make an exception and get a big cup of icy cold Diet Coke. Then I tuck myself into one of the little cozy booths and eat lunch while catching up with all of my favorite guilty pleasures: blogs, Instagram, GOMI (don't hate me, I only read a couple of threads for bloggers who are just awful human beings and provide excellent fodder for snarking). It is just the best, and I feel all warm and fuzzy and endorphin-y and ready for the rest of the weekend!

3. Chipotle just happened to be near a Kohl's, so I popped in to take a look at the Milly for DeisgnNation line that just launched. I was impressed! I'll post a more detailed review soon, but overall I think it is a nice collection (and some other collaborations, it is actually available for people to purchase!).

4. The weather in Orlando was EXCEPTIONALLY lovely this weekend, so I was glad to spend time enjoying the sun. I spent a few hours laying by the pool trying to get into The Goldfinch. There are SO many reasons why I should love this book (studied art history in college and grad school, The Secret History is one of my favorites of all time), but it hasn't happened yet.

5. I wanted more time outside on Sunday evening, so we headed to Epcot to Drink Around the World. If you're not familiar with this concept, it basically involves sampling some of the many delicious adult beverages available at the pavilions in the World Showcase. It is fantastic! (If you haven't already, check out Caity and Rich at Gawker's take on this rite of passage, and also their million-part series about eating in Epcot. Must-reads if you love or hate Disney...and that covers pretty much everyone, right?).

I mentioned Epcot's concert series a few weeks ago when I saw The Village People, and luckily it is still going strong. This weekend's performer was Taylor Dayne -- remember her? I'm a sucker for 80s 1-hit wonders from Long Island, so we grabbed a beer flight and a funnel cake and caught the last show. It was fantastic! The breeze was blowing, everyone was in a good mood, and Taylor just brought it. She has a great voice and did lots of covers, so it was fun to dance and sing along while shoving bites and sips of deliciousness in our mouths. Just a silly, perfect way to end the weekend.

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