Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend To-Do List

I had company visiting this weekend and decided to make it an extra long weekend so I had plenty of time to play (I actually haven't worked a Friday in weeks and I could definitely get used to that). This weekend was all about fun -- I ate, I played, I watched mindless TV. It was awesome. Chores and errands will wait -- sometimes it is fun to just take a few days off of being an adult and let your inner child make all of the decisions.

1. One of the highlights of the weekend was singing, dancing, and YMCA-ing my heart out at the Village People concert. Epcot has a lot of great (free) concerts all year long -- the lineups often feature weird combos of forgotten stars of the past, one-hit wonders, and cover bands, and they are always tons of fun. There are all kinds of great snack-y treats and yummy cocktails nearby so you grab a bite, grab an adult beverage, and rock out. The Village People were just as much fun as you'd hope -- disco will never die!

2. When you're on vacation (or you just feel like you are), it is hard not to indulge in some delicious food. There was a lot of dessert consumed -- I'm proud to say I shared the ginormous brownie sundae that came at the end of today's lunch, but I polished off the entire trough of peanut butter/chocolate goodness known as the No Way Jose that I ordered at Beaches and Cream yesterday. There was also a bottomless skillet of chicken and ribs and corn at some point in the weekend -- so glad I was wearing my favorite stretchy jeans.

3. At some point I found a few minutes to jump on a few things from Old Navy's weekend sale. I really just wanted this cute tee (total price after sale/coupons: $3.50), but I added a few basics (running tights, jeans) that I've been wanting to stock up on to get free shipping.

4. At some point we found ourselves too tired to keep trekking around the parks but too hopped on sugar to completely call it quits, so we burned off some energy in one of my favorite arcades. Skee ball, air hockey, pinball -- reminded me of fun afternoons on the Jersey Shore and Coney Island when I was a kid.

5. We made the best of a stormy, rainy night with a double feature of classics: Bridesmaids and Mean Girls. Even funnier when you know all the lines, right?

Back to the grind tomorrow -- hope your week is off to a great start!

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