Friday, May 1, 2015

It's kind of a funny story...

Sometimes inspiration comes from odd places. After the Lilly x Target nonsense, I came across a number of articles that referenced this photo (Tweeted by an annoyed shopper who probably just wanted to buy one damn pillow):

I think I rolled my eyes the first few times I saw it, but at some point I guess I gave it a closer look and noticed something interesting: "That lady may have a hoarding problem, but her shoes are damn cute."

A quick Google search revealed them to be Nike Air Pegasus '83s that were sold by J. Crew last summer, but by now this bit of gray and orange and pink loveliness was sold out. Boo.
Nike Air Pegasus '83 Women's Shoes, Orange
I did a little digging on eBay and Poshmark for a few days hoping to find a spare pair, but I knew it was unlikely because 1) I wear a hard-to-find (i.e., clown) size and 2) they're so damn cute. I wanted to just forget about them, but pink and orange is my FAVORITE color combo. Also, I have an adorable habit of really wanting things that I can't have...I like the thrill of the hunt.

So tonight I was poking around online and feeling good after scoring a cute jacket from my Anthropologie wishlist (grabbed the last one after a major price cut!), so I thought I'd try to hunt down another elusive item. I actually found a pair on eBay for about $100 with shipping and popped them on my watch list, but I felt like I could do better and figured it was worth it to keep searching...and found them in an unexpected place. 

Kohl's? Kohl's.

Right there on the Kohl's website were the adorable shoes I've been looking for. Truly the last place I would think to look. And that's not even the strangest part: they had my size (and one size up!), and they were on super sale. 

Fate? Fate.

So right now there's a pair (OK, two pair -- I really like them and they were super cheap!) on their way to my happy little feet.

Don't you just love when the sartorial gods smile on you?

PS -- If you want a pair for yourself and you too have clown feet, head to Kohl's and snag a pair; also has a few sizes in stock (in the perfect grey/orange/pink as well as a few other pretty combos).

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