Friday, May 15, 2015

Wishlist/Shopping Bag

I've always had a taste for the finer things. Sadly, I've yet to have a bank account to match. Many times I just have to admire my luxe lusts from afar, but sometimes I luck out and fall in love with some spendy little piece that has a bargain-priced fraternal twin.

Here are some of the items on my champagne wishlist and the beer counterparts that are much more likely to end up in my shopping bag:

I adore these sweet but incredibly practical Stuart Weitzman peep-toe wedges. I feel like you could walk forever in them without sacrificing some fun and flirty style. At $400, they're probably a reasonable investment (SW shoes are well-made and should last for years), but not really in my budget right now. So I was pretty psyched to see this look-alike option at H&M for just $30. Same lipstick red color, same cork wedge, same peep-toe. This version seems slightly less comfortable -- the heel a little higher, the platform a little lower -- but a reasonable tradeoff for less than 1/10th of the price.

I discovered this cute little waist bag when I was looking for a good hands-free option for hitting the theme parks, and I loved the compact shape and mod perforated detail. Target made a verrrry similar style in a crossbody version that would also be a sleek and practical little bag.

I really love this graphic tote -- just a fabulous summer bag that you'd wear with a million things. It's interesting and practical and perfect in every way except for...wait, how much does it cost? Boo. Enter Forever 21 with very serviceable replica. The spirit is very much the same -- roomy tote, bold photorealistic palm tree print. I'm not sure that I love the pink and purple hues, but the price is definitely right.

Who doesn't dig a big bold crazy-old-lady tropical frond print? In my head I can pull off this funky jumpsuit...not sure I'm brave enough to actually go out in public, though. Again, Forever 21 has a much cheaper (and perhaps more practical) take on the trend. These separates would be fun to mix and match with other things in your wardrobe, and when worn together would give you that great wow factor.

I have the Facebook community to thank for this high-low pair. On the left, a sweet and feminine heel from the SJP line (and there's more than a little Carrie Bradshaw in these puppies). Nordstrom posted a picture on Facebook last month, and I noticed immediately that a number of ladies (and a few men) were lamenting in the comments about the lack of availability in larger sizes (preach!). One helpful commenter suggested checking out the pair on the right...from Payless!? Sure, the Christian Siriano pumps are not quite as elegant, but they could still be very fabulous if styled just right.

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