Friday, May 8, 2015

Summer Uniform

Last year I made an impulse purchase during one of Loft's fabulous flash sales: a silky black long-sleeved romper. I'd never worn one before, but it seemed like the kind of thing that would come in handy in a year-round summer climate. It was dirt cheap, so even if I only wore it a few times it would be a reasonable investment. Spoiler alert: I fucking loved it and wore the hell out of it.

This romper is so flattering and so versatile, I'm planning to buy a second one because it is just the easiest summer uniform. It is the perfect blank canvas for all of your favorite accessories -- do yourself a favor and buy one (check out some of the best options in store right now).

Here's how I mix and match shoes, jewelry, and bags so that no one even notices that I'm wearing the same thing three days in a row*:

*this may be wishful thinking, but no one has called me out on it...yet

Start With Shoes

I like to start with shoes here because I think they'll kind of dictate the overall vibe of your look -- is it dressy, casual, or something in between? Also, when you're wearing all black and showing a lot of leg, your shoes are just going to pop. They'll probably be the first thing people notice, so make sure they are fabulous!

The question I always need to answer is: how much walking am I going to be doing? I can't stand uncomfortable shoes, and I don't want to be that girl hobbling down the street for the sake of a cute pair of sandals. Play with color, heel height, and style -- almost anything works here (steer clear of pumps -- they have a way of making shorts look kind of trashy). Here are some of my favorite options in stores right now. They couldn't be more different (ranging in price from $11-$800), and yet they would all be amazing.

simple: one/two/three/four  walkable: one/two/three/four  
sport: one/two/three/four  sky high: one/two/three/four

Add Plenty of Jewelry

The beauty of a simple outfit is that you can truly never have enough jewelry. Pile it on! More is more.

The neckline of this particular Loft romper doesn't lend itself particularly well to necklaces, so I tend to stick to rings, bracelets, and earrings. But just think of the possibilities: an armful of bangles in a rainbow of colors, or Wonder Woman-style thick gold cuff on each wrist.

Try breaking out one -- or a few -- of your big cocktail rings (even during the day), or stack a bunch of delicate ones. At night, I love piling my hair on top of my head to show off a great pair of earrings.

funky: one/two/three  bold: one/two/three  stacked: one/two/three  delicate: one/two/three

Show Off a Great Bag

Once you have your shoes and jewelry sorted out, it should be easy to figure out the right bag. You can get away with anything from a sleek clutch to a big bold tote -- summer bags are just the most fun, aren't they?

classic: one/two/three  graphic: one/two/three   airy: one/two/three  

Here are a few ways I'm going to wear my romper this week summer:

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