Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: Twinkle Toes

I'm a girl who likes a little sparkle, especially on my toes. Right now all I can see are pretty, glittery shoes for days. I'm going to need more room in my closet.

clockwise from top center:

Michael Kors Kayden Jelly Sandals ($69) -- I love a good jelly sandal (perfect in pink for fun summer hijinx), but this gold version is quite glamorous.

Steve Madden Aintso Sandals ($70) - simple leather band sandals are everywhere this summer. This mixed metallic pair is super versatile and interesting.

H&M Metallic Sneakers ($40) -- perfectly comfy and chic, a wonderful combination.

Belle by Siegerson Morrison Wanda Wedge ($225) -- I'm too old to mess around with cute shoes that are painful to walk in. These look so comfortable and would be sexy and sharp peeking out from under wide-leg trousers.

Fillia Cabot Clog Slides ($390) -- I've always loved the classic Dr. Scholl's exercise sandals, and these seem like a slightly more refined take on those cute-but-clunky favorites. 

Alice and Olivia Giovanna Star Booties ($270, on sale) -- these are equal parts "look at me" and "don't fuck with me". In other words, perfect.

Won Hundred Flatform Sandals ($365) -- I want to walk miles and mile and miles in these.

Wedge-Heeled Leather Sandals ($60) -- all business on the top, all party on the bottom.

Kate Spade Leonia Sandals ($198) -- espadrilles are so classic for summer, but the metallic gold leather and rattan-like cutouts add a funky twist.

Steve Madden Rundown Joggers ($109) -- these are part of the Iggy Azalea collection, which helps explain why they are absolutely ridiculous. I have no explanation as to why I absolutely love them.

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