Monday, May 4, 2015

Review: Milly for Kohl's

I feel like there's a bit of a "tale of two megastores" going on right now. As you may recall, Target launched a special collection with a well-loved preppy designer last month and essentially broke the internet (and many of its retail stores) in the process. In the months before the launch there were blog posts, lookbook sneak peeks, and TV ads with happy models and Chris Noth (no idea why).

In the same month, Kohl's launched a special collection with a well-loved preppy designer and there were...crickets. Until a few days ago, I knew nothing about this line -- it was a random Google banner ad that alerted me to the collection, and I was pleasantly surprised to find loads of pieces available online. Then I saw the adorable Franish modeling a few items (styled to perfection, of course), so I decided I needed a trip to Kohl's. I found racks and racks of clothing right at the front of the store and got to work sorting through the options.

Verdict: good stuff! Bright and happy separates with a beachy Capri theme. Quality and fabric seem appropriate for the price -- not as luxurious as Milly's department store line, but overall the style and fit are solid.

Here are my favorites...



The clear winner of this collection is this vibrant pencil skirt. It is sleek but the stretch in the scuba fabric should make it work for lots of different shapes and sizes. Seems to run true to size (I'm running a medium in most things, which is what I wear in most major brands), but probably best to try on a few sizes to be sure. This skirt is on the longer size (hits below the knee), so if you're on the shorter side or just have short legs (like me), you'll want to be thoughtful about your shoe choice so your legs don't look stumpy. Light colored heels or wedges would be great (stay away from ankle straps and flats).

The print options are amazing -- the far right is a cheeky psychedelic floral/stripe mix (the stripes are actually beach umbrellas), and the other two are super vibrant florals. You can find the same prints as fit-and-flare dresses as well, but I think the skirts are a lot more versatile.



There are several pieces available in this amazing shade of blue, which is just cool and rich and refreshing -- just like the Mediterranean. These pieces immediately take me back to a fantastic trip to Italy I took with my family a few years ago. We spent a day on Capri, which is as stunning as you would expect:

boats on the shore of capri/the green grotto (don't you want to jump in?)
 I'm particularly fond of the maxi dress, which seems like a perfectly relaxed piece that would be great for warm summer evenings (or a trip back to Italy). The scuba skirt looks pretty great in this electric blue color as well.



There are a number of great striped pieces in the collection -- these would be right at home on the Italian Riviera but don't feel too costume-y for your everyday life. The dresses are simple but nicely tailored. There are a couple of these cheeky t-shirts, which are kind of perfect -- thin but not cheap. The vibe seems more Kate Spade than Milly, but no complaints about that.

Maybe you're wondering what I bought? Well, nothing...yet. I'm not a frequent Kohl's shopper, so while I was in the store I realized I needed to brush up a bit on my strategy (if anyone has any great tips or tricks, please let me know!). The only thing I know is that you never pay full price for anything -- you need to play the sale/coupon game just right. Also, I recall that when I bought my perfect sneakers I earned some Kohl's Cash...but I don't know exactly what that is.

But I'm sure I'll figure it out, and hopefully one of those amazing skirts and that maxi dress (and one or two other items?) will end up in my May budget post!

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  1. You're making me wish there was a Kohls in my area! Those floral pencil skirts and the mediterranean blue items are stunning!