Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend To-Do List

This weekend was a busy one -- I need a nap, but lots of good memories were made!

1. (Mouse-party hat-money bag = Disney, in case you were wondering)

I had some good friends in town all weekend and I've been playing tourist with them. It's the best! Roller coasters, fireworks, dessert after every meal, and so many laughs. It is fun to tour the parks with different people because I inevitably end up discovering something new or seeing things in a different way -- my friends keep pointing out some of the interesting landscaping in the parks (I walk by these plants all the time and never notice them) and also how many women are wearing strange and very visible undergarments (as the lone woman in the group I was asked to explain why but sadly, I could not).

2. At the last minute I got a ticket to a fabulous fundraising event (Give Kids The World's annual gala). I didn't think I'd be able to go because of my visitors, but a friend gave me her ticket when her plans changed and my guests were happy to do a quiet dinner on their own -- so I quickly ordered up a fancy dress from Rent the Runway and spent the night dancing and celebrating with some of my favorite people.

3. My hair and skin have been a bit fried lately, so I took some time to indulge in a bit of treatment while I was doing a few weekend chores around the house. I slathered coconut oil on my hair to fight some dryness -- simple and effective (my dog loved it, too -- there was a great deal of head sniffing). I also used a mask I'd picked up at Sephora a few weeks ago -- this perfecting and brightening Pearl Mask from their in-house brand. 

MINI REVIEW: I'd never used a mask like this before: you wear a an actual paper mask that's been soaked in some sort of magical treatment (leave it on for about 15 minutes), and then you remove the paper and rub the remaining product into your skin. The paper was a little awkward to wear -- it never dried, so it felt like cold, gloppy papier-mache on my skin. But my skin felt great after I removed the paper, and it was noticeably bright and glowy for hours. I wish I had used this before the gala -- it's definitely a good treatment to use before a big event when you want to look extra fresh and sparkly.

4. Of course, I spent some time chatting with my wonderful mother on Mother's Day. I hate being too far away to celebrate in person, but it was nice catching up and hearing her open her gift. I had the pleasure of being raised by one of the most wonderful and generous moms on the planet -- I hope she feels special every day, but certainly on the day meant for moms!

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