Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend To-Do List

Another freakin' weekend in the books. Here's how it went down...

1. Let's pretend we're still in college and the weekend starts on Thursday night (oh, those were fun times...). I got to take part in an incredibly fun local event called Orlando Soup, a unique fundraising event that supports cool organizations in the community. Attendees pay $10 for a ticket to the event -- a small portion covers dinner (soup, salad, and bread provided by a local restaurant), but most of the funds go towards a microgrant that's given to one of a number of cool community projects. During the dinner we heard quick presentations from 4 different organizations who are doing really interesting things in the Orlando area -- a contemporary dance troupe, a coding program for elementary school kids, a dinner party social club, and a group that helps enrich social skills for kids through imaginative game play and storytelling. While we ate dinner, we had the opportunity to vote on the project that we wanted to fund and at the end of the night, that group got a check! Such a simple concept and a great opportunity to mix and mingle with folks in the community and help support some of the people who are working hard to make Orlando a better place. The event happens about 4 times a year, and I'm already excited to sign up for the next one!

2. On Thursday night I was feeling a little restless (and also a teeny bit tipsy after post-Soup cocktails), and I decided to set up an Instagram account for this little blog. I have a personal Insta and I love it, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to set up Peacoat-related social media. I need to keep the blog anonymous for now, but I like having a place to share some quick updates and maybe some great shopping finds. If you're into that kind of thing, come find me!

3. Saturday afternoon I decided to tackle some of the un-fun things that I've been avoiding like the plague (a couple of bills, an unpleasant email, a few messy chores, etc.). I just sucked it up, made a list of alllllll of the things I've been meaning to do, and took care of business. It wasn't fun, but it is nice heading into the week with a clean slate.

4. Saturday night was spent hanging out with the boy who's my friend, and we didn't have any particular plans so we headed over to Downtown Disney. DTD is usually a great option when you want a bit of spontaneous fun (lots of food, plenty to drink, all kinds of free live music, a little shopping), but this trip was a bit of a bust. SO crowded. NO parking. So-so music. We were bored and basically decided to alleviate our boredom with excessive food consumption. I ate a pretzel (and then a second), a couple of sliders washed down with a beer, and then hit Ghirardelli's for ice cream. My sundae was fine, but it wasn't really what I wanted or needed and I was annoyed to pay $20 for 2 cups of ice cream. The next morning I hit the local trails for a run to sweat off some of my sins. I'm not training for any particular race right now, but my Sunday long run has become a habit that I really look forward to every week.

5. Finally, Pitch Perfect 2! I think this was probably my most anticipated summer movie, and it seemed like a great choice for a dinner and movie date with girlfriends. We started with a delicious meal of "modern Mediterranean" goodness (local Orlandoans: if you haven't been, check out Carmel Kitchen in Winter Park -- so good, with awesome happy hour deals all week long and a great prix-fixe 3-course menu on Sundays), and then hit the theater for a late movie. The food, drinks, and company were great -- sadly, the movie was only meh. There were plenty of laughs and some great performances, but the plot was a bit strange and uneven, and some of the jokes really missed. Definitely worth seeing if you loved the original, but you'll probably find yourself wishing for a bit of a better movie.

And just like that, a new week arrives. Monday, let's roll...

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