Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist

On Wednesdays, I'll share a roundup of whatever I'm obsessing about at the moment. This week the weather has me thinking about just one thing: coats.

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I have a lifelong problem of never being dressed appropriately for the weather. So much so that random people stop me on the street to ask why I'm not wearing the right coat/shoes/headgear. Utilitarian outerwear can be often be pretty ugly, but sometimes I imagine that if I just had the right (and very cute) options, I'd finally get my act together. So this week, I'm dreaming about coats. I did just add a gorgeous dress coat to my wardrobe, but now I need something that will serve me on a day-to-day basis.

I'm not the girl who can wear a white coat without getting it dirty, but of course, all of the coats that are tempting my itchy mouse finger are pale and not at all practical. Still, the heart wants what it wants, so let's take a look at some dreamy, creamy winter coats:

Zara Padded Jacket with Patterned Lining ($129) -- I own a similar quilted jacket from Old Navy and I love the style. Mine is perfect for winter in Florida, but I'd love this more substantial version for winter...well, anywhere else.

Wool Duffle Coat ($39.90, on sale) -- Uniqlo's take on a traditional duffle coat is simple but perfect. The end-of-season pricing means sizes are limited, but this is a steal if you can find yours. I love this rich camel color, but the cherry red would also be a favorite for years to come.

Princess Coat ($55, on sale) -- A coat fit for Kate Middleton herself. The lines are so very feminine and the color, a sort of mink-y greige, is perfection. Right now is a great time to score a deal on a coat, and this one is firmly on my maybe list.

Heritage Sweater-Sleeve Duffle Coat ($275) -- Just too impractical and just not a wardrobe priority, but lovely nonetheless. After first seeing it on Capitol Hill Style I have developed an irrational, unbridled love for this coat. It's kind of the way it happens, right? Reminds me of a time my college roommate was visiting me in New York City and we saw Lisa Loeb at Chelsea Market, looking perfectly adorable in an ivory pea coat. A few weeks later my roommate called to tell me she went out and bought a similar coat because she just couldn't stop thinking about it. Maybe every woman needs a winter white coat at least once in her life?

Luxe Fur Collar Coat ($217) -- For the Olivia Pope in you, because you need that shit to be HANDLED.

Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket ($59) -- An Ultra Light Down coat has been on my wish list for a while. I've avoided down because I could just never get on board with the idea of wearing what is essentially a full-sized sleeping bag as a winter coat, but Uniqlo has figured out a way to make warm down coats look sleek. The hardest part is figuring out which style and color to choose (there are tons!), but I'm leaning towards this pretty mauve.

Catharine Coat ($178.20, on sale) -- For the Queen Elsa of Arendelle in you, because you want to use your magic to brighten a dreary gray winter day.

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