Saturday, January 31, 2015

What to Buy at Old Navy Right Now (and a Few Things to Avoid)

If you shopped at Old Navy at all in December you probably ended up with a few magical slips of paper known as Super Cash. You have a few days left this week to redeem them, so let's take a look at of the best options in store right now.

What to Buy...

Terry-Fleece Skater Dress -- $32

On the surface, this isn't the most exciting dress...but it has so much potential! I love a good skater dress, and fit can be tricky -- I'm tall but long-waisted, and so often a skater style dress hits me in the worst possible part of my leg (I've been eyeing this version from H&M with a touch of sparkle, but know I just can't do that much thigh). The above-the-knee length is perfect, and I'm a sucker for a great neutral black and white palette. I also love that it is short-sleeved: not too bulky under a sweater or jacket with just enough coverage in case I forget to do push-ups for a few days years.

Short-Sleeved Jumpsuit -- $35

Sometimes Old Navy surprises you with a chic little gem like this jumpsuit. Fit will be key here -- it needs to be nipped in but drapey in all of the right places, so try it on (and be honest with yourself!). But if it works, buy it immediately and thank yourself later. I would throw this in my suitcase for almost any trip, and it would easily become my favorite option for Saturday night drinks or Sunday brunch.

Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans -- $30

Old Navy has great jeans. Don't be scared off by the name -- the Rockstar skinny jeans work on a LOT of body types. And if you don't love this style, there are plenty of other cuts to try out. You can score some good deals on denim throughout the year, but Super Cash time is a perfect opportunity to stock up on a great basic.

Trendy Outerwear

I think Old Navy does outerwear pretty well -- this is a great time to add a fun little coat to your wardrobe, or try out something trendy on the cheap. I'd like to experiment with a field coat or anorak, and here the price is definitely right. The short trench reminds me of a jacket that a friend picked up at Zara years ago -- they only had her size and I've been coveting it ever since! And I already have two of these vests (the black one and the great striped version), but I still want the tomato red and cream colors. They are warm but not at all bulky. Definitely inspired by J. Crew's super popular slim puffer vests, but stylish enough that you don't feel like you're just wearing a knock off, you know? Also, you could buy about 10 of them for the cost of one at J. Crew (i.e. I'm trying to convince myself owning 4 isn't crazy, even though it is).

And What Not to Buy....

As I was browsing the website, I realized that someone at Old Navy is REALLY liking a tulip print right now:

I immediately put anything in this print on my Do Not Buy list. I mean, there's nothing wrong with the pattern, and some these pieces are just fine. But one of the dangers of shopping at a mega chain like Old Navy is that everyone else shops there, too, so you have to work a little harder to make these pieces your own.

This reminds me of particular Gap skirt that caught my eye a few years ago. I was even ready to pay full price for it, until I was walking through Union Square and noticed THREE different women in my line of sight wearing said skirt. They weren't together but they all happened to be walking in the same direction. And I thought, "Would I want to be #4 in line in this bizarre parade?" No, no I wouldn't.

So Old Navy may have decided that this season we're all wearing tulips, but I'd stay away. You're just going to see yourself coming and going for months, and next year these pieces are going to seem SO spring '15 and will end up in the back of the closet, I promise.

Oh, and One More Thing...

Can we talk about how the Old Navy's toddler department is killing it right now? I don't know why a baby needs an adorable trench coat or a chic Chanel-inspired sweater, but I seriously want all of these things in my size.

.So how many juice cleanses do I have to do to get into a 5T? ;)

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