Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thinking Spring (aka: f*ck you, winter!)

Oh, this winter. From coast to coast it's been a real bitch this year. I spent some time in New York this month and got a nice taste of frigid temps, chapped hands, and filthy snow. Not gonna lie, I'm happy to be back in Florida but even we hit a cold spell last week (don't worry, it only lasted 48 hours).

Whatever the forecast, we can all get excited about thinking spring! There are some great pieces hitting the stores right now, and it is fun to dream about what we'll be wearing on those first crisp and sunny days.

What's more fun for spring than a bright, bold graphic dress? These are wake-up-and-take-notice colors and prints that will make you happy to get dressed in the morning. They won't be the most versatile pieces in your closet, but pick one in a super flattering shape and you'll feel like a million bucks each time you put it on.

This Boden shift has such a fresh color palette and also reminds me a bit of Mrs. Roper (in the best possible way!)....I have a lot of striped dresses but the mix of patterns here makes me feel like I could justify just one more...another fantastic option from Boden, who does great-fitting printed dresses better than just about anyone...this Tory Burch dress would be a happy splurge.

There is no one happier than me to see wide leg and flared jeans making a reappearance in stores. Skinnies have their place, but I don't think they are as universally flattering as this silhouette. For spring, there are lots of great relaxed options in pale, watery rinses.

These Old Navy pull-on pants are so comfy, I have two pair and always get compliments when I wear them -- the elastic waist is so forgiving, just keep it covered by a long top unless you want people to wonder about the contents of your uterus (ps - they're hiding under the Pants tab online)....these Madewell flares would add a little drama to any outfit....of course, Forever 21 has a great and affordable way to try out this trend...if you love this style as much as I do, this pair from Anthropologie would be a good investment.

A scarf has this wonderfully magic way of taking the simplest basics and turning them into a pulled together look (i.e., the lazy girl's best friend), and it can come in handy to chase away the chill on those early spring days.

This one from Madewell is simple and chic, perfect for traveling -- think about it with a monochromatic black or white look....just when I thought I was completely over chevron print, this rainbow version makes me reconsider....of course, Boden would make a print that pairs perfectly with a classic trench...J. Crew always has great scarves, make sure you wait for one of their many sales.

I keep seeing great versions of a simple strappy flat sandal. There are plenty of inexpensive options, so this can be a fun way to play with trendy colors and prints -- you'll wear them out before they have a chance to look dated.

These Forever 21 sandals are unbelievably chic and selling out quickly...here's a higher quality option if want something that will last for more than one season...I'm not big on neon, but this pop of pink is cute....this pair from Target comes in lots of color options, but I'm kind of drawn to the leopard version.

What are you excited to wear this spring?


  1. A million great finds here! Absolutely must find those ON denim pants. Look perfect!


    1. Thanks! The ON jeans really are fab -- even better in person and so comfortable. I call them my pajama jeans :)

  2. I am sooo excited about flares being back!

    1. They're so flattering -- I don't know why they ever go away!