Friday, January 16, 2015

Wish List Score: Perfect Dress Coat

I keep a running shopping wish list of items that I really love and want to add to my wardrobe. Most of them are those beautiful, classic pieces that I expect I'll keep for years. If I had an unlimited budget, I guess I would just run out and buy everything on my list....and then make a new list, and buy all of those things! But since that isn't the case, I have to put on my Pollyanna hat and play the Glad Game: I'm glad I can't buy everything I wish for because it's fun to have to wait and dream about them for a while. And when you finally get your hands on one, it feels amazing!

Tweed Faux Fur Collar Coat -- $89 (another price cut!)

I've had this particular item, a gorgeous tweed coat with a luxe faux fur collar, on my list for over a year. I first spotted it on Le Catch and I loved it immediately. Quietly glamorous, modern but timeless....yum. At $170, it isn't really a budget-buster (especially since the cost per wear on a good coat should be pretty low), but I was hoping to catch it on sale. Last year came and went and I never saw the price drop, so I was glad to see it reappear this year. Still $170, and for some reason I just never felt ready to pull the trigger.

And like a magical sign from heaven, I stumbled upon a sale...a great sale! At around 11:45 on New Year's Eve, just minutes before my self-imposed January shopping ban was about to start, I decided to take a quick look online to see if I could catch an after-Christmas sale (because sometimes the best NYE plans involve watching The Twilight Zone marathon and screwing around online, right?). Between the sale and a pop-up code for an additional 20% off with free shipping, I was able to score my dream coat for just under $100!

When it arrived, I couldn't believe that I loved it even more than I hoped. The tweed is gray and this incredibly beautiful navy blue, giving it a richer tone than a traditional gray/black combo. And the fur collar is removable! So I'll have a fur collar that I can wear with other looks (I'd been eyeing a similar collar at Anthropologie all winter), and I'll also have a simple tweed coat perfect for almost any occasion.

This coat would be great with party clothes and other dressed up looks, but I kind of like the idea of wearing it with a more casual "Saturday night at the bar with friends" look.


I mean, damn. I want to wear that outfit every day!

Confession: I am wearing this coat right now. Over my pajamas. It looks amazing.

Not sure when it will be cold enough to justify pulling out this beauty, but I know I'll be turning heads and feeling like a million bucks!

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  1. That coat is amazing! I used to shop at Warehouse in high school, I didn't know they were still around. I love the "cool London girl" vibe. The coat is a bit of Kate MOss and a bit of Kate Middleton!