Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend To-Do List

Did you have a good weekend? Here in Orlando we had a glorious cold front come through on Friday afternoon, laying the groundwork for a weekend of pretty damn perfect weather (sunny 60s during the day, cool and breezy at night). Here's how my weekend played out (spoiler alert -- it involves a lot of eating):

1. I took Friday off and enjoyed a lovely day playing hooky: a lunch date with a friend and a little shopping. I got to try out a popular and yummy Orlando spot, Pom Pom's Teahouse. They have delicious grilled sandwiches, amazing cupcakes, and a million kinds of tea. Really, what more could you want? Afterwards, I did a little shopping -- Ikea and Old Navy are surprisingly empty in the middle of a Friday afternoon! I love being able to browse and shop in relative piece. 

2. Saturday morning I went to my usual yoga class and tried to sneak a quick trip to the outlets before the crowds descended (and sadly, by 10:30am I was too late -- people in this town love a bargain). I was hoping to see a few J. Crew items I've been eyeing (this dress and this blouse), but I walked away empty-handed. They didn't have the dress and the blouse is cheaper online, so I'm placing an order. Reminder: sign up for Factory First (their email list) to get 15% your first order and some other nice perks. 

I was strongly considering a cute pair of sandals (similar to these, without the ankle strap) at J. Crew and a gorgeous pink blouse at Kate Spade (similar to the one above, without the bow), but just wasn't ready to make an impulse purchase. I'm trying to be more thoughtful about my buys (my old philosophy of buy now, return later if I change my mind wasn't resulting in a lot of returns). 24 hours later, I've nearly forgotten about the sandals but I'm still thinking about the blouse. Maybe I'll check back next weekend...

3. I finally got to check out The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt  -- I'm sure you've heard of it, it's the new Tina Fey comedy on Netflix. I'm digging it so far (lots of wackiness with a bit of heart). And I enjoyed it while shoveling handfuls of my favorite "trail mix" into my face (fine, it is just a bag of candy with a few peanuts and raisins thrown in). So good, and yet so bad.

4. Do you know about Jezebel's new beauty focused mini-blog, Millihelen? It is interesting -- these days I only read Jezebel for a daily dose of Dirt Bag (it is not the same since Dodai Stewart left), but I've enjoyed some of the Millihelen posts, including this one where an anonymous Sephora employee answered a bunch of reader questions. I spent an hour going down the rabbit hole of product recommendations -- I am in the market for a new moisturizer, I'm curious about this foundation, and this mask could be the next cult favorite.

5. I finished off the weekend enjoying the spectacular weather and some tasty food truck grub. Downtown Disney has a new food truck park and I'm quite fond of the sliders. Lunch with a view:

Feet up on the couch and getting ready for the week -- here we go, Monday!


  1. I really loved The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt too. (I do find some of the ways they wrote jokes around the Dong character really awkward, though one weighs that against the fact that there are so few Asian-American male romantic leads in American media...)

  2. I am only 3 episodes in (I'm kind of terrible at bingeing) so I haven't met Dong yet, but I have heard similar reactions. Sometimes when people try to push boundaries they don't quite get it right, but there is always the hope that it gets someone else to watch a show like this and say, "hey, I can do better!".