Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Online Shopping: The Agony and Ecstasty

Last weekend was a bit of a flurry of online shopping activity. I was browsing around and stumbled across a couple of great deals. I realized that a few things that had been on my wishlist were on super sale, so I found myself pressing that magic little "Place Order" button quite a few times.

It looked a bit like Christmas at Casa Peacoat today -- now I get to sort through all of the goodies!

Target was having a pretty nice Buy 1 Get 1 50% off sale on summer clothes and accessories last week, so I decided to take advantage and order a number of things I'd had my eye on. I'd originally planned to hit a local store, but I realized that no single store had all of the things I wanted to check out in the right sizes, so it was easiest just to order everything. Somewhat annoyingly, my order shipped in 4 different packages, but still better than running all over town to collect everything.

Mossimo Shortsleeved Jumpsuit ($30) -- perfectly relaxed but not shapeless; this would be easy to throw on for a night out, but I think I'll also wear it out shopping on a Saturday or even to the office with a great blazer.

The only problem is the size, and it's my own fault -- for some reason I had it in my head that this was from the Xhiliration line, and I always size up since that's their juniors line. This runs true to size, so I'll probably do an in-store exchange (though to be honest, the larger size doesn't look terrible and would leave me plenty of room for an extra dessert or two. Hmmm....)

Sam & Libby Nolan Wedge, Gold & Fawn ($45 total, on sale) -- I almost never want to buy the same item in multiple colors but I couldn't resist here -- an easy, flattering, and super walkable shoe that you can wear all summer (and beyond, here in Florida).

Envelope Clutch Bag ($17) -- My evening bag collection is pretty lackluster, so I liked the idea of adding a great little basic bag to my collection. The size and shape of this one are great. I usually find Target bags to have a cheap look and feel -- the "leather" tends to be waxy and fake looking, but I think this one is pretty soft and supple. I never think about shopping for an evening bag until I need one, so I have a feeling I'll be glad to have this tucked away in my closet.

Lakitia Embellished Sandals ($10, on sale) -- a super simple flat that is heavily inspired by an old J. Crew favorite. I like the fit and just like everyone says, they are surprisingly comfortable for a sandal that doesn't have much to it. I was thinking about returning them because they felt a little flimsy, but for 10 bucks I won't mind if they just last one summer.

Merona Meg Pump ($30) Sigh. The only real loser of the bunch. I love these shoes, I would buy them in every color...if only they fit. Online reviews don't lie -- they run a whole size small and since I wear a 10.5, I can't size up any further. I feel like one of Cinderella's ugly stepsisters, but you small-footed lasses should order these immediately.

Constellation Sweater ($150, on sale) -- Another no-go. I thought the color of the sweater was disappointing in person -- not as rich, not as vibrant. It reads more black than blue. And this may seem like a minor detail, but online I couldn't see that some of the sequins in the star pattern were actually shaped like stars. I haven't seen star sequins since I was in second grade, and it just gave the sweater a kind of cheap look (and even on sale, this was not a cheap sweater). If I saw it hanging in Old Navy I'd probably pass it by, so back it goes.

Heritage Duffle Coat ($100, on sale) -- you may remember this coat from a past Wednesday Wishlist, where I proclaimed my love for this beauty and my sadness that it would likely never be mine. $300 is just too much for me to pay for a beautiful but impractical coat that I really don't need, and I didn't think it would ever go on enough of a sale. Until it did.

For a brief moment (seriously, was it some kind of glitch?), it was marked down to $130 and I had a coupon code for 25% off and free shipping-- so for a hundred bucks (or what I'd drop on my average Sunday morning Target run), it was on its way to me. And it's a keeper! It is just as beautiful and impractical as I'd imagined, but also so flattering -- the color is called cocoon, which might also be the best description of wearing it. You just feel snuggled into a soft, cozy cloud. Never mind that it is going to be in the 80s here for the next week six months, I absolutely love it.

This coat does run large -- most reviews suggest sizing at least one size down and I'd agree. Keep your eye out for the next super sale!

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