Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend To-Do List

Sometimes a weekend seems like 48 hours of endless possibilities and I just go go go, trying to jam as much into 2 days as humanly possible.

And then sometimes you just need some time to be a slug.

1. Things got off to a rough start on Friday night as I tried to make my way home from a short business trip. I travel a bit for my job and I usually don't mind it too much -- it isn't particularly glamorous, but I like to explore new cities and I always try to mix in some pleasure after the business part is done. This was just a quick 2 days in DC. They were pretty long ones but generally successful and I was happy to headed home -- my 7:30 flight should have gotten me back to Florida around 9:30 and I planned to pick up some dinner, rescue my dog from her luxury pet resort and be on the couch catching up with my DVR for an hour or two before bed. It was such a good plan...

Instead, our flight was delayed for hours: one in the terminal (which wasn't so bad as DCA has thoughtfully installed approximately 1 million power outlets so the masses can be soothed by all of their glowing screens), and then more than two on the plane. When you travel a lot you know that some delays are unavoidable, but the pilot basically admitted this was a case of human incompetence. I am so, so grateful for Chris Hardwick and an iPod full of Nerdist podcasts to keep me from completely losing it.

We finally landed in Orlando around 1am and I sprinted through the terminal, ready to get my hands on some food (nothing on the plane, nothing open in the airport when we landed) and my dog. And it all took FOREVER. I finally made it home at 3am and shoved a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my face before collapsing into bed. 

2. Saturday I let myself sleep in a bit. As I was falling asleep just before 4am I realized that I'd been awake for 42 of the past 48 hours. A lazy morning turned into a lazy afternoon with a Catfish marathon, some blogs, and a snuggly puppy dog to keep me company.

3. I didn't let my trip and need for sleep get in the way of two big fashion/beauty related events happening this weekend. First, I hit Sephora to take advantage of their 15% off sale for VIBs. I am all about skincare these days, and I picked up a few things I've heard people raving about: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (Lisa Eldridge loves it), Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial, and a small size of First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. I'll share some reviews soon!

4. I also hit Target to check out the Lilly Pulitzer collab and I'm still annoyed by it -- read more about my unhappy experience here.

Time to tackle another busy week -- hope you're having a great Monday!

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