Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekend To-Do List

Another lovely weekend comes to a close. Did you have a good one? Mine was pretty fantastic (and not just because I ate at Chipotle twice...though that was probably a big part of it). Here are a few highlights from the past three days:

1. I was initially bummed not to be able to join my family for Easter (they decided to spend a week in Mexico -- genius, right?), but my plans turned out pretty great: a fun and relaxed brunch with a friend (who's a boy, but he won't be making any appearances on the blog). We went to Yard House and partook in their many delicious beers (they have more than 100 on tap) and stuffed ourselves silly (there was a tower of onion rings -- heavenly). We also rescued several sad little chocolate bunnies we found languishing in the 50% off bin at Walgreen's. I polished off three and thought about how wonderful it is to be an adult and buy your own damn Easter candy.

2. After stuffing my face with beer, chocolate, and fried food, I spent a few hours on the couch being alternately fascinated and horrified by Going Clear, an absolutely damning documentary about Scientology. Definitely worth a watch -- the celebrity component is titillating of course, but the stories of the ordinary men and women who have given up so much for the sake of this "religion" strike the most powerful chord. I hope a lot of things change as a result of this film, including the revocation of their tax-exempt status.

3. So. much. cleaning. I have company coming into town next week so Saturday afternoon felt like a great time to do a deep spring cleaning. There is not a speck of dust to be found in my apartment, all of the fingerprints and water spots have been buffed off of the appliances, a million loads of laundry have been washed and folded, and I detailed the couch like it was a fine Italian sports car (removing a metric ton of dog toy fluff -- why is destroying your toys even fun?). It was a hell of a workout, but it does feel great having a spotless, organized home (that I'll be able to maintain for about...three days).

4. I used my Friday off to take care of lots of errands -- a desperately needed haircut and color, a few returns, and a Trader Joe's run. Sadly there is but one sad little Trader Joe's location in the metro Orlando area and it is about 25 miles away, so a trip there is a bit of a treat (mercifully a second, closer location arrives next week -- the people need their peanut butter filled pretzels!). I stocked up on my usuals and then tossed the intriguing Baconesque cheese popcorn in my cart. Spoiler alert: something that tastes like bacon was delicious.

5. And it wouldn't be a weekend without a little shopping. There were sales galore, of course. (Aren't there sales every weekend? It is kind of exhausting at this point.)

On Saturday morning I stopped by my local Banana Republic because I wanted to check out a few things that I'd been eyeing online: this eyelet dress (so pretty, but I wish it came in a color other than black or white), this relaxed romper (a great summer buy -- I have one that is very similar and I adore it), and this gorgeous top (the combo of the color and the cutouts give it a kind of celestial effect, right?). Unfortunately, they had none of these things in my store (they did have a bunch of great things that I can't find online...stop making it so hard, BR!).

I walked away with just one top that I'm in love with (above, in true white) -- I have been looking for an open weave tunic-y, lacy blouse to wear with leggings and skinny pants. I sized up so this one is nice and long, and I am pretty sure it is what I will reach for on those crazed days when I don't have time to think about what to wear but need to look like a grownup.

I also stopped in Anthropologie, because it was hot out, the mall was cold inside, and I'd found an awesome parking why not stay and shop? I picked up one of their Voluspa scent diffusers in the most delicious orange scent. This one is for my living room, but I want to grab another for my closet -- I've done this with their candles (though this seems MUCH safer) because I believe that I like my Old Navy and Target clothes just a bit more when they have that lovely Anthro smell.

I also spotted this dreamy, watercolor-y dress on the sale rack. It's so pretty, let's take a better look at it:

(Ignore those clunky shoes, they're the worst). I've had my eye on it for a while, and now I have the perfect occasion for it: my big brother's wedding! It will be a small, casual outdoor wedding (ceremony on the beach), so this seems pretty ideal. I wasn't sure I was going to buy something new (as you know, I'm big on shopping my closet), but I think a special family wedding -- with photos that will live on forever -- deserves something a bit special. I'm going to keep an eye out for other options over the next few months (thank you Anthropologie for your generous return policy), but maybe it's as easy as finding that sale rack dress when I wasn't even looking for one.

Finally, I hit Sephora to pick up a birthday gift and see what VIB samples they had I (I've banked tons of points because sometimes their 500 point rewards are awesome -- this time I just grabbed a small sample of the Fresh Soy Cleanser, which will be nice for travel). I've gotten friendly with one of the sales associates and she hooked me up with some fun samples (you can get up to 3 each time you visit, but she was extra generous). I'll let you know if I find anything I love!

Finishing off the weekend with a shift at Give Kids The World - I'll be delivering late night Easter pizzas! I may have also picked up a set of bunny ears at Walgreen's this afternoon -- who wouldn't want to open the door to a bunny holding pizzas?

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