Thursday, April 23, 2015

Truth (Vol. I)

I haven't shared a lot of personal stuff on the blog yet, so I thought I'd try a little something different today. If you met me in person, here are some of the things you would come to know...

LIKE: Cake


LIKE: Dogs using their paws like hands
DISLIKE: Dogs winking at me (what are you trying to say?!)

LIKE: Blythe Danner
DISLIKE: Gwyneth Paltrow

LIKE: May flowers
DISLIKE: April showers


LIKE: Brunch (prime rib, champagne? check!)
DISLIKE: Breakfast (no prime rib or champagne? boring)

LIKE: Manicures
DISLIKE: Smudging the polish before I get home (always)


LIKE: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
DISLIKE: The Daily Show without Jon Stewart (I am in denial -- how can he leave us?)

LIKE: Running
DISLIKE: The first 10 minutes of a run ("Am I dying? I might be dying.")

LIKE: Mets
DISLIKE: Yankees

LIKE: Broad City


LIKE: Your comments on my silly posts
DISLIKE: Well... ;)

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