Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend To-Do List

And just like that, the last weekend in April comes to a close. I'm not ready for summer!

This weekend was pretty chill -- a little relation, a little fun, and a little prep to head out on another business trip.

1. I've realized over the past few years that I am someone who needs a consistent workout routine in order to be a happy person, physically and mentally. For most of last year I started my Saturday morning with a intense and sweaty yoga/pilates class -- it was the perfect combination of challenging and exhilarating, and I always left feeling great about myself and inspired to tackle whatever was going on in my life. For a bunch of reasons (some good and some not), I hadn't made it to class in a few weeks. Even though I was beat from a long weekend, I dragged my butt out of bed on Saturday morning for a good hour of sun salutations and kick-through pushups (don't ask - they hurt!). I'm sore today, but falling back into my felt great routine. Next week it will be a little easier. (Probably)

2. Saturday night I spent a few hours at my favorite place hanging out with some great kids -- every night they have a different party, and Saturday is a rockin' pool party. Everyone chows down on burgers and hot dogs and then there are games, silly line dances (I'm awesome at the Cupid Shuffle, aka the easiest one), sno cones and cotton candy...the works! Families have a great time, and the volunteers have a blast, too -- on a warm Saturday night, a fabulous pool party is just the best place to be.

3. I placed a pretty big online order at Zara. I've been eyeing these shoes online, and I really liked this sweater and these jeans when I was in my local store last week (couldn't find either in my size). I wanted about a dozen other things...yay for the tiniest amount of self-control.

4. Sunday afternoon was spent on the couch snuggling with my furry roommate, the cutest mini dachshund in the world (IMO). I hate that I have to board her when I travel (she's not a fan either), so I thought we'd have a little quality time. She doesn't like the dog park and isn't a fan of walks, but she does love belly rubs and napping in my lap. Done and done.

5. I've spent the rest of the day getting ready for my trip. My nails were looking pretty rough and I'll be shaking lots of hands over the next few days, so I stopped at my favorite salon for a few coats of Big Apple Red. Usually I decide to start packing for these trips around midnight before a pre-dawn flight, but for once I have my shit together -- I'm all packed and ready to go and will probably get a decent amount of sleep! A few months ago I picked up this Nicole Miller rolling carryon at TJ Maxx (the only place to buy luggage, BTW) and I LOVE it - it is so compact but it holds everything I need for three or four days. I have gotten pretty good at traveling light and packing smart, so I'm planning to do post on some of my favorite tips sometime soon.

Time for bed -- have a great week everyone!

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