Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: Cozy Tunics

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, holiday lights are going up, red cups are brimming with peppermint lattes and cocoa.  It's the perfect time for cozy knits -- specifically, a great knit tunic. Sweater dresses can be tricky. If they're too thick, or too clingy, or too bunchy you're going to feel lumpy and bumpy and spend all day fidgeting. But a looser tunic style is kind of perfect -- all of the coziness, much better fit. And great news: there are a slew of them in stores right now. Too bad it has been 90 degrees in Orlando for days.

But! Cooler temperatures must be on their way (please tell me that's true), so here are the snuggly knit dresses that I'll be wearing as soon as we're back to those chilly 70 degree temps.

ww: tunic

Anthropologie Sparrow Cowled Sweater Dress ($158) -- there's something quite angelic about this one. I would wear it with black tights and flat black boots for a great chilly weekend look.

Shoshanna Lee Ombre Cable-Knit Sweater Dress ($395) -- it's hard to find a sweater dress with much color, so the little pop of mermaid-y blue and green is nice and quite flattering around the face.

Zara Long Sweater ($50) -- "What's wrong with being/what's wrong with being/what's wrong with being confident?" This model is feeling this sweater. It's styled to perfection with these leather leggings, and I can only assume that wearing it will make me look as effortlessly fabulous.

SET Turtleneck Sweater Dress ($425) -- a great shape in a very wearable color. It's an investment piece, but it's so classic you'll wear it for a decade or more.

Steven Alan Delevan Sweater Dress ($285) -- the short sleeves on this dress are interesting. It's counterintuitive for a cold-weather dress, but most of the offices I've worked in have been absolute saunas (NYC steam heat is no joke) so a little ventilation can be nice.

Gap Cable Knit Sweater Dress ($70) -- this looks like a nice little dress for the price. Reviews are mixed, but mostly because it seems like the original product photo included a zipper detail that isn't actually part of the dress.

Colorblock Tunic Dress ($138) -- an easy and chic work look. The colorblocking isn't too dramatic but still creates a nice shape.

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