Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gift Guide: My Yoga Partner

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was nontraditional but lovely -- I wouldn't have it any other way. Since we're fully in the holiday shopping season, let's get back to the gift guide...

Next up I'm shopping for a one of my favorite yoga pals -- we met in class over a year ago and she helps keep me accountable. I love getting to catch up with her before class, and I know she's know she's going to tag me in her Facebook check-in at the studio, so I definitely have to drag my butt out of bed.

gg: yoga

WHO I'M SHOPPING FOR: my favorite workout partner

She's an energizer bunny and fitness is her hobby -- she loves checking out all of the latest classes and is always trying to talk me into 5Ks, bike races, and boot camps (and makes them fun!).

WHO YOU'RE SHOPPING FOR: the Sporty Spice on your list...your favorite vegan/gluten-free/green-juice-drinking clean eater....the running addict...the friend most likely to post a sweaty selfie

Spiritual Gangster Pullover, $88
A cozy sweatshirt perfect for tossing on when she's on her way to class (or just wants people to think she is...)

Deliciously Ella, $14
Ella Woodward is one of the best (and most photogenic) food bloggers on the planet -- somehow she makes some incredibly drool-worthy meals using only natural, plant-based ingredients. This is her first cookbook. If it includes a recipe for looking like a stone-cold British fox, sign me up.

CB2 Tea Tube, $12
A charming little delivery mechanism for all of that healthy loose leaf tea she drinks. A lovely gift with a selection of favorite blends.

Brass Disc Tassel Bracelet, $30
This chic little bracelet has a very zen vibe and would be a perfect arm-party-of-one when she's on the mat.

Boston Marathon Route Map, $38

Maybe she accomplished her lifelong goal of running Boston, or is pounding the pavement this year so she can qualify. A cool course map of the Boston Marathon (or any number of famous races) would be an excellent motivation tool/trophy.

Carine Croc Tote, $50
If she's not the kind of girl who wants to carry around a big bulky nylon bag, she'll love this perfectly chic tote for carrying all of her essentials to the gym or studio.
Grid Mini Foam Roller, $25
If she's working out on the regular, she knows all about foam rolling and has a roller (or two) at home. But she may not have this tiny version, which is perfect for throwing in her suitcase for vacations or out of town races.

GapFit Motion Hoodie, $65
This sleek top is really unique and quite cool -- it looks so aerodynamic, I feel like I'd shave 30 seconds off of my mile time just by wearing it. I'm linking to the Amazon page because Gap can't seem to keep this in stock in its own store (along with many, many other items) -- frustrating, particularly since they've been running a great 50% off promotion this weekend. Get it together, Gap -- you really can't afford to eff up Black Friday this year.

Dreaminex Wireless Earbuds, $57
Wireless earbuds make lots of workouts so much easier. The pricier pairs are out of my gift-giving budget, but there are some great moderately priced versions (which I actually prefer, so I don't have to worry so much about losing them or ruining them when I'm in sweaty beast mode).

Gold/Black Stud Wrap for Fitbit, $78
A fashionable upgrade for her beloved fitness tracker. Because you rack up plenty of steps doing your regular weekend bar crawl, but that fugly rubber bracelet doesn't work with any of your going-out looks.

Suzani Blush Magic Carpet Yoga Mat, $98

When you're feeling very zen and centered you're probably not supposed to care about who has the best yoga mat. But seriously, give her this one and she will have the BEST mat in the room.

And if you need a few extras...

These little tinted lip balms are perfect for prettying up after class.

If she's going to indulge her sweet tooth, she'd rather do it with some tasty organic treats.

A fancy freshening spray is a nice luxury for any gym bunny.

A great workout-proof headband is always appreciated.

This water bottle is perfect if she's naughty or nice.

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