Saturday, November 14, 2015

A little housekeeping...

Posting a quick message to say hello and share a quick update. I had planned to start my holiday gift guide posts this weekend, but after yesterday's horrific events in Paris I decided to hold off for a few days. I'm still excited to think about the holiday season (and even more excited about spending time celebrating with friends and family), but for a day or two it feels right to unplug and be quiet.

Paris is my favorite city to visit and I've truly never experienced an unhappy moment there -- it is nothing but joy, beauty, and love. What I watched last night was the opposite of that, and it's hard to wrap my head around.

For now it seems like there isn't much to do but offer our kindest thoughts and prayers (as useless as that feels) and take a moment to take stock and make sure we're living the lives we want to live today if there was no tomorrow. There's an abundance of cliched chatter out there and I generally try to avoid it, but I never regret taking a moment to read what Anne Lamott has to say.

Until Monday...

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