Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fabulous (and Mostly DIY) Halloween Costumes

Some people live for Halloween -- gory movies, crazy costumes, mutilated gourds. I'm usually just in it for the candy, but every so often I get the itch to dress up. My costumes always lean towards the glamorous side. It's always fun to have an excuse to look fabulous, right? I made a last minute decision to hit a few parties tomorrow night, and I'm excited but I don't want to spend a ton on my costume.

If you're in need of a last-minute costume, here are a few ideas for fabulous and mostly DIY costumes -- you can pull most pieces from your closet and borrow or buy a few extras.


Is a Holly Golightly costume original? No. Is it amazing? Yes. I will not turn down an opportunity to swan around in a fancy dress, tiara, and big sunglasses. 

You already have... a black cocktail dress (preferably one that is sleeveless and a bit form-fitting without a lot of distracting detail), black pumps, and pearls.

You can probably borrow... a tiara (I'm sure your niece has a spare) and black gloves.

You just need to buy... cat's eye sunglasses (super popular right now, so you can find a cheap pair) and a frosty pink lipstick.

And for a finishing touch... check out Lisa Eldridge's great Breakfast at Tiffany's-inspired makeup tutorial (


Last night I watched one of my all-time favorite movies Rosemary's Baby. It is perfectly scary and perfectly gorgeous. I find myself getting distracted by Mia: her stunning cheekbones, her perfect wardrobe. Putting together a great costume is pretty easy...pregnant belly and deathly pallor optional!

You already have... a mod shift dress (or perhaps a baby doll dress with a Peter Pan collar, a big fall trend), pointy-toe flats, and flirty fake lashes (maybe even two pair).

You can probably borrow... a gold pendant or locket (tannis root optional) and a square handbag.

You just need to buy... a good highlighter to give you those killer cheekbones. 

And for a finishing touch... try to find a short blond wig (if that's not possible, slick your hair and create a strong part for a similar look).


Last but not least, my choice for this year. With the happy news that Netflix is bringing back Gilmore Girls, I think my Rory costume will be particularly well-received. Bonus: I get to live out my private school uniform fantasies!

You already have... a preppy blazer (ahem, J. Crew), a pleated plaid skirt, and a peachy blush (to achieve Rory's perfect rosy complexion). Chilton Rory almost always wore her hair straight and parted down the center, which is super easy.

You can probably borrow... saddle shoes (or in a pinch, find some penny loafers).

You just need to buy... a yellow backpack (this is the key between going as Rory rather than just a Gossip Girl extra) and knee socks. 

And for a finishing touch... carry a big coffee cup or a classic novel. Even better, convince a friend to go as Lorelei!

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