Thursday, November 19, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Mom

Shopping for my mom is always pretty easy. I know her tastes pretty well, and since she's always thinking about everyone else's needs, it's fun to find ways to really pamper her.

When I'm ready to head out and shop for mom, I like to remind myself of the brattiest thing I ever said to her (oh, those angsty teen years), the grossest thing she ever had to clean up (when I was seven I tried to eat an entire box of Cheez-Its -- didn't go so well), and the many times she dried my tears. And then I buy her twice as many presents.


She's the best, of course. She's selfless and big-hearted, smart and funny and unbelievably kind. She has her own style and while she's not trying to set trends, she always knows on what's going on in fashion and isn't afraid to try something new.

WHO YOU'RE SHOPPING FOR: someone who deserves a unique gift...or your own mama

Custom Street Map Puzzle, $129
For most moms, home is where the heart is. This puzzle is a fun way to honor a special address (your family home, or maybe even the neighborhood she grew up in). Putting it together is the perfect activity for chilly winter evenings, and it would look great in a frame when it's finished. A satellite view option is also available.

M. Gemi Felize Custom Driving Mocassins, $198
Custom Italian loafers -- does it get more luxurious than that? My mom would be gaga over these chic loafers, especially knowing that the suede color, stitching, and tread were personalized just to her tastes. The monogram inside is a sweet touch.

Vintage Perfume Atomizer (similar), $125+
One of my favorite memories is sitting in my mom's bedroom and playing with all of the pretty things on her vanity -- piles of costume jewelry, a delicate music box, and her fancy perfume bottles. Beautiful atomizers have sort of gone out of style, but you can find some lovely vintage ones -- I loved this one on One Kings Lane (sold out now, but new ones pop up every day), and you can also find on them on eBay, 1st Dibs, etc. This would make a nice gift along with a bottom of her favorite perfume -- every time she spritzs it on, she'll be making new favorite memories of you!

Dr. Jart+ The Book of Masks, $39

Sheet masks are the hottest thing in skincare -- this collection of 8 different ones from one of the top beauty brands will guarantee many relaxing at-home spa nights (she'll probably even invite you over to join her!).

Pearl ring, $85

My mom will see me wearing something and immediately want it for herself, even if it isn't at all her taste or style. I have an enormous statement ring that I wear all the time -- it's gold with a mother-of-pearl stone and you can see it from a mile away. This ring is just as bold but a bit more wearable, perfect for mom.

Jensen Turntable, $37
OK, hear me out -- turntables have made a comeback thanks to a new generation of audiophiles who learned to appreciate their unique sound, but our parents were the original vinyl-lovers. I think my mom still has a box or two of her old albums and she definitely doesn't have a way to listen to them -- I'll be she'd get a kick out of digging them out and taking a stroll down music memory lane. 
French Blue Bureau Pitcher, $68

This sweet little pitcher is a triple threat: it's pretty and would look lovely on any bedside table. It's practical, perfect to quench that midnight thirst without having to leave a cozy bed. And it's thoughtful, hand crafted by one of the artisans who sells her goods on The Little Market (a wonderful fair trade marketplace). My mom is a principled lady -- she spent a year boycotting products made in China in protest of poor working conditions -- so she'll feel extra good about this piece.
Amazon Fire, $40

She wants to cut the cord but doesn't really know how -- this is an easy way for her to take the digital leap and learn to love binge watching. I'm going to pick one up for my mom this year. I just hope I don't have to explain "Netflix and chill" to her...

Minted Heart Snapshot Photo Art, $29 and up
My mom checks Facebook about once or twice a month, so she misses a lot of great photos. She also still appreciates the value of physical photos that she can enjoy even when she's offline. Minted has a lot of fun custom photo products -- I'd create one that includes recent snaps with some of her favorite old photos for a piece of art she'll really treasure.

Sephora Mani Kit, $30

Your mom was probably your first mani/pedi partner -- treat her to this sleek little tool set, perfect for giving herself an at-home treatment (or even bringing them to the salon -- I prefer to use my own tools for sanitary reasons!)

And if you need a few extras...

A special tea that's perfect for Downton lovers on Christmas morning.

A good sleep mask to help her catch up on all of those Zzzzs she missed when you were a baby.

A chic little key fob that almost looks like it was handcrafted by you (if you were crafty).

An excellent hand cream in the prettiest little tube (keep an eye on Sephora's Black Friday deals as this has been included for the past few years).

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