Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gift Guide: The Newlyweds

My brother got married this year and now he and my new SIL are buying a house. It's nice that one of us has figured out how to do relatively normal adult stuff. A new house provides so many great gift giving opportunities...


WHO I'M SHOPPING FOR: my brother and sister-in-law

They're newlyweds who will have a nice new house to decorate soon. They're young and fun and like spending time at home entertaining or just relaxing.

WHO YOU'RE SHOPPING FOR: the homebody on your list...the friend who's obsessed with design blogs...your favorite foodie...someone who's just hard to shop for (food is always a hit!)

Laguna Basket, $64
There are a million uses for a basket like this, and it's so cute. If you're feeling generous, fill it up -- you could try something fun, like a few cozy blankets (I always find great ones at HomeGoods and TJMaxx), or even something practical (fresh cut firewood).
Love Letter Napkins, $40
A set of sweet napkins printed with the love letters of great writers -- perfect for bringing a little romance to weeknight dinners.

Mo's Chocolate Chip Bacon Pancake Mix ($15) and Noble Handcrafted Syrup Set ($40)

Ingredients for a tasty breakfast make a great gift -- this chocolate chip bacon pancake mix is amazing. I'd also include this set of fancy syrups and you'll give a gift that will add a touch of luxury to Christmas morning, an anniversary breakfast, or just a regular old Sunday.

Smartphone Projector, $31
I think slide projectors are the coolest thing and I don't know why they've fallen out of favor. I still have one from college -- art history major, what what -- but precious few slides to project. This is the next best thing and would be great for showing off honeymoon pics or doing an outdoor movie night.

Nickel Designs Doormat, $35 and up
These doormats are hilarious -- lots of great pre-printed options to choose from, or customize one with geographic coordinates, a silly hashtag, or favorite song lyrics. Guaranteed to make a new house feel like home.

Pineapple Ice Bucket, $70
Pineapples are a symbol of good luck and hospitality. So is a well-stocked bar cart -- this ice bucket is perfect for a new home, and gorgeous to boot.  

Mixed Cut Double Old-Fashioned Glasses, $70

Maybe you know someone whose glassware could use an upgrade -- these double old-fashioned glasses are so festive and are just begging to be displayed.

Custom Portrait Cookie Cutter, $50 and up

Fairly ridiculous, totally awesome -- this company will create a custom cookie cutter featuring a silhouette, portrait, or other image. You definitely know somebody who wants to bake cookies with their own face (or the face of their beloved). 3D printers, what can't they do?!

Bamboo Cutting Board with Laser Engraved Recipe, $60

I love taking a practical item that you use everyday and giving it a special twist -- handwritten recipes have gone the way of the dodo, but how amazing would it be to commemorate your grandmother's famous meatball recipe, or Dad's Sunday morning pancakes?

Peppers of Origin Gift Pack, $18
I've given this a few times and it's always been a big hit -- fancy peppers are fun for the adventurous chef.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments, $115
Ornaments are a thoughtful gift for newlyweds (especially if you're going to see them before they've trimmed their tree). I love this vintage set, although I realize as a single person I have the luxury of decorating with ridiculously girly ornaments -- this set of wooden ornaments is very charming and a bit more unisex.

A great gift for the armchair traveler or long weekend road-tripper. The 36 Hours series is super popular -- I like this gift set of global destinations, but there are also volumes that focus on specific areas, like regions in the US. This could be one of those bad generic gifts that goes unused if given to the wrong person, but lots of fun for an adventurous spirit.
Waring Popcorn Popper, $56
My popcorn popper is my favorite kitchen appliance ever. Microwave popcorn is foul, and most people won't take the time to pop fresh popcorn on the stove (though it isn't too hard). A popcorn popper is so easy and makes a damn tasty snack.

And if you need a few extras...

Salt and pepper shakers with attitude.

Everyone should have a zoodle-maker.

These chic toothbrushes are thoughtful, and they'll also look great when they're 'gramming pics of their new bathroom.

I kind of want to make a set of these customized keychains and put my brother and SIL's goofy pet names on them.

A mini tape measure is so, so handy when you're decorating a new place. You don't want to drag home that craigslist find and realize you can't get it through the door.

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