Monday, November 16, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: My Best Friend

Shopping for your best friend is like shopping for yourself -- it's the best! This is always one of the most fun gifts to buy. I have lots of great ideas, so now the only problem is deciding which one to pick...

WHO I'M SHOPPING FOR: my best friend

She's smart and fun with lots of interests and a great eye. She has a little one and has a hard time remembering to take time for herself, so I'm making sure that her gift is purely for her enjoyment (nothing that she'll end up "sharing" with her husband or kiddo). She knows that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but she also makes sure her cover is always flawless.

WHO YOU'RE SHOPPING FOR: the person on your list who deserves some pampering...a new mom...a friend with excellent taste...someone who appreciates the little details.

Sunday Riley Power Couple Kit, $70

A very luxurious set from one of the hottest skincare lines. She'll think of you every time someone compliments her glowing skin.

Confetti Wine Glasses, $80
These are the prettiest wine glasses and will be perfect for fancying up a special dinner or taking the edge off on a Tuesday night. Adding a favorite bottle of wine would be a nice touch.
Monogrammed Sunshine Satchel, $120
She may not be taking long jaunts to Europe right now, but a long weekend away is totally doable. The black/tan/cream color combo is elegant, and a monogram makes everything better.

Mesa Moonstone and Druzy Cuff Bracelet, $345
For someone who has been very, very good. Moonstone and white druzy are two of my favorites -- dreamy, ethereal stones that go with everything. This simple bangle is unassuming and easy to wear every day, with enough sparkle to feel special.

Evil Eye Heart Dish, $98
One of my jobs is to protect to protect my best friend from bullshit, assholes, haters, and other evil-doers. I love the idea of this sweet but kickass little dish to stand guard when I'm not around -- it's also a stylish little way to store jewelry, keys, and other little treasures. I'd wrap it up with something fun, like some homemade cookies or a handful of old school lip glosses.

Rainbow Key Fob, $98
She'd never splurge on something like this, but you can. It's pricey, but just think about how many times a day she'll pull her keys out and smile. A little everyday luxury goes a long way.

Striped Sleepset, $78
The cutest, coziest jammies are perfect for lazy Sundays and Netflix date nights. Give them to her before Christmas morning so she'll look effortlessly perfect for the present-opening photos.

Belle Calligraphy Kit, $20
I don't think anyone has time for hobbies anymore, but this calligraphy kit is perfect for the busy creative type. My best friend Sara is really crafty and would probably be great at this -- I might go a step further and buy her an online class so she can really master all of the swirly strokes.

Bite Lip Lab Custom Lipstick, $45

This was actually what I gave Sara for her birthday last year and let me tell you, it was a big hit (there may have been tears...). Bite Beauty has the coolest Lip Lab in SoHo where you can have a custom lipstick shade mixed just for you (you can read about my visit here). This is the perfect gift for the lipstick-lover in your life -- I mean really, what price can you put on finding "your" shade? If a trip to NYC isn't in the cards, this Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip set is a lot of fun. I'd also add this cheeky little makeup pouch, because she who has the reddest lipstick does indeed win.

Mini Messenger Bucket Bag, $50

She knows you'd buy her a Chanel bag if you could, but she'll love that you were nice enough to snag her this inspired-by version.

Kule Cashmere Breton Sweater, $285
I don't know a woman who doesn't love a classic striped Breton shirt. There are lots of great cotton ones out there, but how about a cashmere upgrade? She'll wear this to death and love you forever. (PS: Land's End has an almost identical one at a very reasonable price)

Custom Portrait Stationery, $200 and up
Personalized stationery featuring a darling custom portrait, from one of the most popular paper goods companies -- HOW GREAT IS THIS??? If there is a lady on your list who understands the power of a great handwritten letter, this is a winner. (And if these cards are a bit out of your price range, you could find a pretty set of notecards and order some personalized stamps to go with them -- pets and kids are super cute)

If you need a few little extras, consider...

These little pots of goodness from RMS Beauty -- the luminizer and lip shine are favorites of J. Crew's stylists.

A silly candle, because when she played MASH as a kid she always got mansion.

An adorable pouch for business cards, because she makes leaning in look great.

This great little balm in a pretty tin (I gave so many of these last year, love them!).

A little extra sparkle for her tree (pretty ornaments make great package decorations).

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