Sunday, January 18, 2015

Closet Staple: Linen T-Shirt

Basics aren't always the most exciting pieces in your closet, but they are incredibly important. They're the workhorses of your closet, so you want them to flatter, you want them to last forever, and you want them to be affordable (so you can spend more money buying the fun stuff).

I found one of my new favorite basics at my old favorite store (Target!), and it has quickly become a closet staple.

Drapey linen tee -- $12 (or less)

Confession: I discovered these on the clearance rack this summer, so I paid just $3.60. I bought two (both gray), but I wish I'd stocked up on half a dozen or more and added some other colors (white, blue, and black would be good choices). This is a seasonal piece, so there is a slightly different variation in stores/online right now but I think the v-neck version will return this spring. (Update: I've seen this v-neck version in stores! Not online yet, but probably soon.)

This tee shirt is simple but perfect. The loose, drapey cut is forgiving but not baggy -- it kind of floats along the body. It is thin without being sheer, and the linen blend fabric gives the shirt a touch of structure and elevates it beyond your basic gym shirt.

Boring-but-important: it washes like a dream! I use the gentle cycle and let it air dry and it is exactly the same as when I took it off the rack. No shrinking, no pilling.

How to Wear It

I try to use the 3-ways-to-wear-it rule when making a decision about anything in my closet. The first two are my favorites, but I want to try to be a bit more creative with it!

Saturday Errands

I'll admit, this is my go-to way to wear this shirt. Leggings, cute sneakers, and aviators and I feel comfortable but totally polished while running around town doing errands on a Saturday morning. Look fabulous without seeming like you tried too hard (pretty much my life goal!). This particular shirt is nice and long -- it is tunic length and covers my bum, so I feel OK wearing it with (good) leggings.


Thursday Day-to-Night

My job is relaxed enough that I can wear jeans most days of the week. For a casual day (i.e., no client meetings), I'd wear my favorite tee with boyfriend jeans, a blazer, and delicate gold jewelry. I'd do a simple black wedge during the day, but the cage heels would be great to slip on for after-work shenanigans (that don't require a lot of walking).


Casual Sunday

I'd throw this on for a lazy Sunday at the movies. Skinny ankle jeans, bright (and comfy) shoes, and some tough but pretty accessories.

jeans/shoes/watch/ear cuff

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