Monday, January 5, 2015

Buy This: C9 Activewear

I love a good deal and a hidden gem, so from time to time I'll be sharing some of the ones I'm loving at the moment. Happy closet, happy wallet!

One of my resolutions for 2014 was to Generally Act Like a Grown-Up, something I hadn't really been successful in achieving in my 30-something years on earth. Over the past year, I've learned exactly what that means to me, including:

  • Going to bed at a reasonable time and waking up more than 10 minutes before I need to leave for work (you can only sneak into the office bathroom to put on your makeup and brush your teeth so many times)
  • Making regular trips to the grocery store so there are ingredients for meals (several of them each day!); Cheez-its and marshmallows are not appropriate for dinner
  • Getting my sweat on once a day (at least!) -- my brain just works better when I do

I hit the gym every morning and I often walk a few miles after dinner, so I need plenty of cute/stretchy/sop-up-the-sweat pieces in my wardrobe. I've tried a lot of different brands, and by far my favorite is C9 by Champion, which can be found at Target.

The C9 line is a great bargain but more importantly, a great value. These pieces are super flattering and hold up to sweaty workouts and multiple washes (a small caveat: the hot pink items I've purchased tend to bleed; I just hand wash them because I love a bright pink, but choose any other color if you don't want the extra maintenance). And right now, they're on sale! The whole line is 10-20% off, and there are some additional coupons: $5 of a $30 purchase or $10 off a $50 purchase.

Tonight I headed to my local Target and picked up 2 favorites:

C9 Women's Seamless Tee  -- regularly $25, on sale for $20

This is my favorite running top, hands down. Very similar to the popular Lululemon Run Swiftly tee for a fraction of the price. I have it in 3 colors and picked up Shadow, a really pretty pale blue color (it is actually a bit more robin's egg than it appears in the photo). Can't wait to take it for a spin!

C9 Women's Seamless Racerback Bra -- regularly $16.99, on sale for $10 (or less)

And here's my favorite sports bra. I just can't stomach paying $40, $50, or $60 for an item that is meant to be soaked in boob sweat, so the price is more than right here. Cute, supportive, and available in tons of colors -- this is a great find. I picked up the Black Heather color as a treat for myself as I'll be running my first half marathon this weekend (eek!). The girls will be well-supported for all 13.1 miles...I hope the rest of me survives!

You'll note that the total here came to exactly $30, so I used the extra coupon to bring the cost down to $25 -- a total steal. I'll wear each of these 1-2x a week for a year or more, so the cost per wear will be tiny.

January is a GREAT time to find deals on activewear -- Old Navy, Gap, and Anthropologie are running sales right now -- so don't forget to stock up on your favorites!

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