Friday, October 23, 2015

The three coats you need this winter (and one that you should think about...)

I've never liked winter, but I LOVE coats. Moving to Florida has never made a winter coat less important, but it doesn't stop me from drooling over them and building an incredible fantasy coat wardrobe in my head (note: can fantasy wardrobes be a thing? They'd be at least a million times more fun than fantasy football). If you live in a state with a real winter, now is the time to make sure your coat situation is handled. This season there are three silhouettes that you'll want in your closet: a classic duffle coat, a moto cocoon coat, and a great puffer coat.

Here are my favorites in store right now -- wear them fabulously and let me live vicariously through you.

three coats

Classic Duffle

This is the coat of my high school years, and whether it's nostalgia or a desperate attempt to cling to my youth, this style seems super fresh to me right now. Uniqlo makes amazing coats, and their classic take on a duffel is pretty perfect -- the cherry red has a bit of a Red Riding Hood vibe and would look amazing with rosy winter cheeks. You can't go wrong with a camel colored wool coat, and this one from ASOS is lovely. I probably wouldn't wear it with shorts, but that's your call. And leave it to J. Crew to make a dreamy pink version -- it's sold out online, but keep your eye out for it in stores or online popbacks. There are other colors too, but, that pink...

Moto Cocoon

This is really my favorite coat silhouette right now -- take a traditional moto jacket and blow up the scale to create a shape that is modern and interesting. This version from Banana Republic has a great neutral color and could be dressed up or down. H&M has a nice affordable take on this style in a few colors, including this pretty cranberry tweed. Madewell offers this shape in a few solid colors, but I like this lumberjack red plaid pattern (similar to a Band of Outsiders coat that would definitely make the cut in my fantasy closet). Note: all reviews indicate the fit can be a little tricky, so you may want to try on several sizes to get just the right slouchy chic fit.

Chic Puffer

I hate puffer coats, but when those single digit winds are blowing in your face, sometimes you just have to suck it up. But you don't have to throw on any old sleeping bag with sleeves -- a sleek, streamlined version will make proper winter dressing much more bearable. The small-scale quilting of this Via Spiga hooded coat really cuts down on dreaded the Stay-Puft Marshmallow effect. Once again, Uniqlo has a fantastic option. Their featherlight down is incredibly thin -- like, "how do they do that??" thin -- but will keep you toasty warm, and they offer a number of shapes and colors. Navy is kind of sporty (and a bit slimming), but there are some great jewel tones available as well. And leave it to Kate Spade to find a way to make a big puffy coat a bit more twee -- they put a bow on it! If you're looking for a better price, check their outlet stores -- I saw a similar version this weekend for about half the price.

So now that you have the essential shapes covered, you might want something a bit more fun. Like a cape. No, really.

This probably isn't going to be your everyday outwear...but at the right time, a cape is pretty amazing. It acts like a fabulous frame for your look and adds the right amount of drama. Capes are definitely having a moment, and here are my favorites in store right now...

This military-inspired classic black cape is really just one step away from a traditional peacoat, so it's an easy way to give this shape a try. The mod styling of this Boden cape will definitely turn heads. And this rich tobacco colored option with a faux fur collar is the perfect topper for holiday party looks or your favorite jeans and striped tee.


  1. I love that bright red cape! Not sure I could pull it off, but love it! Also that purple-ish moto cocoon coat...that I think I could pull off! Need!

    1. I feel the same way! A cape might be good for a special vacation -- when you're in a new place around people you don't know, it can be a little easier to go outside of your comfort zone!

  2. I love these coat ideas! I'm really into capes this year.

    1. Thanks! There are quite a few good ones out there, definitely an opportunity to have fun with outerwear this season :)