Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: Muppet Chic

Here's a list of things that Floridians don't need:

1. Snow shovels
2. Volumizing hair products
3. Fur coats

Guess which one I'm obsessed with right now? To be clear, it's a faux fur I'm digging -- I don't need any critter to be harmed for the sake of my looking fabulous. I spotted a couple of good ones at Forever 21 this weekend, and now I'm dreaming up all sorts of reasons I need one.

Since they're relatively inexpensive, I think a cute faux fur is a pretty smart buy. There are times when fashion should just be fun, and draping yourself in a bit of ridiculousness seems like it could be a whole lot of fun. Let's take a look at the furriest options in stores right now...

clockwise from l to r:

Kristen Blake Spotted Faux Fur Jacket ($138) -- or, how to be very chic while being very lazy. So great.

Modcloth Gallery Glamour Coat ($90) -- sometimes it's fun to make people wonder, "is she wearing her bathrobe in public?" But also kind of fun to throw on over your a simple dress or an easy weekend look.

Zara Long Furry Waistcoast ($70) -- a cool way to get a little fur action without committing to a full jacket.

Forever 21 Collarless Fur Jacket ($53) -- one of the coats that sparked my obsession, a perfect topper for your holiday party looks and an easy way to add a little drama to your Saturday night.

MANGO Leopard Faux Fur Coat ($150) -- for some ladies, a big fur coat just doesn't make enough of a statement. You know who you are. This leopard print should do the trick in turning every single head in the room.

River Island Light Pink Premium Fur Coat ($170) -- this one actually does look a bit like a skinned Muppet, in the most rock and roll way possible.

Anthropologie Blushed Faux-Fur Coat ($178) -- probably the most wearable option. This little cropped jacket could almost work as a blazer, giving you a great way to add color and texture to lots of different looks.

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