Monday, June 29, 2015

June Budget

Fun fact -- I have no idea how much I spent this month! And I could barely remember what I bought when I tried to put this post together. My goal of spending mindfully sort of went out the window this month, so I'm on a mission to do better in July. Anyway, let's see what the damage is together, shall we?

Starting Budget:



clockwise from l to r:

J. Crew Perforated Drapey Crepe Dress ($75, on sale) -- this dress, oh, this miracle dress. The perfect combination of sexy, sweet, and sophisticated. I actually bought it in the Sweet Persimmon color (a perfect tomato red), but for some reason J. Crew decided to style it like a potato sack in the online photo. This dress really loves a woman with curves, so the poor waif models are really drowning in it. Hence the miracle -- it is a dress that looks so much better on real women than on models! It is in and out of stock online, but keep checking -- I'm definitely on the lookout for one of the other two colors (black, and a cool nude-y walnut color).

Forever 21 Tonal Patterned Dolman Top ($20) -- sheer and lightweight and very pretty.

Zara Soft Shopper ($25, on sale) -- spotted this on sale in NYC and bought it as I was headed to the register. I will certainly get lots of use out of it and love it for years; debatable about whether it was a good purchase this month, but oh well.

Zara Perforated Clutch ($25, on sale) -- I actually went to Zara in search of this cute clutch I wrote about a few weeks ago, and I was thrilled to spot it on sale as well. It has a crossbody strap as well, so quite versatile.

Old Navy Cross-Strap Slides ($20, on sale) -- I'm obsessed with snakeskin print, and these seem chic but still practical.

Kohl's Graphic Scooped Tee ($12) -- I love a slim fitted graphic tee, and this watercolor-y endless summer print just made me smile.

Old Navy Faux-Leather Capri Sandals ($10, on sale) -- mine are black, which are sold out online. I'm obsessed with sleek, minimal sandals even though I don't think they always work on my feet -- I was happy these do!

Old Navy Palm Print Shorts ($18, on sale) -- summer is the perfect time for a pair of crazy print shorts.

Juicy Couture Burnout Henley ($7, clearance) -- this is definitely a lounging around the house top -- so light and sheer, with the sweetest rhinestone buttons.

Old Navy Slub Knit Hoodie ($10, on sale) -- this is one of my problem areas -- I can't seem to stop buying comfy lounge tops. This one is cozy and adorable, but so are the other 4 nearly identical ones I have in my closet. Note to self: knock it off.

Total: $222

Welllll....close. I actually both the 2 pair of Old Navy shoes today, so if I hadn't made that impulse buy I would have been on target. I can justify by saying my size is hard to find, sizes were limited online, blah, blah. I should have been keeping track of my total throughout the month so I knew that I'd already hit my limit. Room for improvement.

Next month's budget may be spent pretty quickly -- I'm waiting for this pair of shoes that seems to be taking the scenic route from J. Crew, I am hoping to score another miracle dress, and I just snapped up this gorgeous piped jacket after Ann Taylor taunted me with a great 50% off deal (there's always a chance that I'll hate it when it arrives, but something tells me it's a keeper). Oh, and Zara is having a massive sale? Sigh. How much can you get for selling a kidney these days?

Any good buys this month? Are you going to try to fight me for one of those fab little J. Crew dresses? Let me know!

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  1. I can't judge you for forgetting what you bought in a month, because I've totally been there. I'm trying to be more mindful about what I'm buying though, I figure if I can't remember buying something I probably shouldn't have purchased it because I'm obviously not excited by it.

    On a different note, those green shorts are awesome. I love them!

    1. It's true, I bought a lot of these things spontaneously and I think that's why they didn't "stick". In general, I really prefer to wait at least 24 hours before making a purchase just to be SURE about my decision.

      Room for improvement this month!

  2. I got those ON palm print shorts too! I've been lusting after them forever, but now I don't know if I have any tops to go with them! (Didn't help that my fiance said they looked like swimsuit bottoms...they're not that short on me I swear! I think he means the print. Men just don't understand, right?!)

    1. That's funny -- I guess since everyone in Florida is basically dressed for the beach all the time these kind of fit right in!

      The print is bold, but green is pretty versatile so I'll bet you have some options! I've worn them with black, white, and navy tops so far - either t-shirts or cotton button-downs. I think they'd be fun with a great graphic tshirt (I have a heather blue "Sunshine State" one that seems right!). And if you want to do some pattern mixing: stripes! I have a white-on-navy long-sleeved striped tee that will be perfect if the temp ever drops below a million degrees ;)