Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekend To-Do

weekend todo

Another weekend - yay! Pretty routine stuff, but lovely nevertheless. Here's what was on my list:

1. My second Summer Friday got off to an unceremonious start -- a massive thunderstorm only Florida can whip up. This happens almost daily this time of year, but Friday's was particularly violent and slow moving, so I decided it would be a good night to cuddle on the couch with Netflix and takeout. I'm cruising through season one of Mad Men and it is as wonderful as everyone says. Such a great show to binge watch -- the pace is deliberate and slow, so it is satisfying to gulp down 2 and 3 episodes at a time and still be able to delight in all of those juicy details. So many smart women, so many thick men -- it is frustrating and satisfying and the same time. And the makeup is everything. Note to self: figure out how to wear red lipstick without looking like a clown.

2. Saturday morning got off to a good, sweaty start (I'm letting Shawn T kick my ass these days) and then headed out for a few hours to catch up with friends. We ate and shopped, which was perfect. I was happy to find quite a few gems without putting much of a dent in my June budget -- I loved this sweet t-shirt with a relaxed 'endless summer' vibe, a surprising Kohl's find.

3. I spent Saturday night having some grown-up fun at the Orlando Science Center -- they host a regular "Science Night Live" event. Basically you can run around the center and play with all of the exhibits while enjoying some tasty food and adult beverages. Just some good nerdy fun. #orlandodoesntsuck

4. Finally, Sunday was spent doing mostly un-fun grown-up things. I've been slacking on housework lately and I'm embarrassed to admit that things were getting a little crusty en la casa. I spent a few hours getting things sparkling clean -- a few loads of laundry, tons of dishes, vacuuming dog fur from every crevice of the sofa, and a little elbow grease and things are feeling much better. I'm not a neat freak, but since I work from home I have to look at the dust bunnies all day long and I can't really relax when things are out of order. 

And now I've got the Tony Awards on while relaxing in bed. Not a bad way to end the kind to us, Monday.

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