Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend To Do

weekend to do

All week long, the weather forecast for this weekend was very clear: rain. Rain, rain, rain. All day, all night. More rain than you've ever seen in your life. Build an ark and gather the animals. It seemed like the perfect weekend to catch up on my to-do list around the house, cuddle on the couch with Netflix and my pup, read blogs, and act generally slug-like without feeling too guilty about it.

Weathermen: you sit on a throne of lies!

This weekend ended up being just about as sunny and hot as any other. It's always sunny in Orlando, apparently. And I have a really hard time hanging around the house when it is so damn nice out, so not much couch time for me. Here's how I spent my days:

1. The rain was supposed to start rolling in on Friday afternoon, but the skies just refused to open up. I thought I'd take advantage of a few final rain-free hours by heading over to EPCOT for the evening. I met a friend for a quick drink and bite to eat, and I was able to do a fun errand: picking up treats for a little friend. I'm "Aunt Alison" to a handful of cute kids, and one of my honorary nephews took a bad fall and broke his leg this week. His summer is kind of a bust, so I thought I'd surprise him with a package. I picked up all kinds of fun and silly things -- a mini piƱata, an Olaf rice crispy treat, some Beaver Butt soap, and all of the yummy looking candy I could find in the Japanese pavilion. Somehow I accidentally bought too much Pocky. I wonder what I should do with it...?

2. I woke up to sunny skies on Saturday, so I decided to hit the gym and get out and run some errands "before the rain got too bad". You're sensing a theme here, right? One of my stops was Barnes and Noble where I spent some time skimming The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the blockbuster home organization bible by Marie Kondo.

I knew the basics but there's a lot more to the system than the oft-repeated "does it spark joy?" test. I am forever feeling frustrated at how quickly things in Casa Peacoat can go from neat to disaster. After learning about KonMari, I think I know why: I have too much shit.  I wanted to dive right in and start purging things immediately, but I think I'll save it for next weekend. I look forward to thanking a lot of inanimate objects for their service and sending them on their way.

3. With no rain in sight on Saturday night, I headed out for some adult fun in the Happiest Place on Earth. Dinner, fireworks, people watching, and best of all, some silly drinks. This Blue Daydream was sweet and frothy and went down way too easily. The Let It Glow was pretty adorable, too (but sadly, nonalcoholic).

4. This morning I was happy to snap up a perfect little striped tee at a local consignment shop (sold a few things so I thought it would be OK to treat myself). Marie Kondo would probably say I did not need this but for me, a good striped shirt is pure joy.

5. Finishing out my Sunday Funday with dinner and a one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Tons of laughs, a bit of heart, and some of the most outrageous dialogue ever.

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