Friday, December 11, 2015

Gift Guide: Anyone/Everyone

This installment of the gift guide is a bit different. Some years you may find that you're a bit short on time, money, or creativity when it comes to your gift list, but you still want to show your love. In this situation, I like to find one gift that I can give multiples of -- you're basically giving the same gift (or variations of it) to lots of people on your list. These gifts are all super affordable, too (because it's the thought that counts).

For example: I have a group of friends and we make a habit of this -- the four of us met a few years ago as part of a running club, and when we exchange gifts we always buy the same thing for each person. It makes gift giving a bit easier, and those gifts take on a bit of a special feeling because they remind us of our happy little group.

Am I making any sense? Let's take a look at some ideas and maybe things will seem clearer..


WHO YOU'RE SHOPPING FOR: as many people as possible

One of my favorite "multiple" gifts is a batch of my homemade Christmas cookies in a pretty jar or plate. I always spend a Saturday in December baking up some tasty holiday treats, and they make a great gift for lots of people on my list. I ordered a few of these CB2 jars to put cookies in because they're just the cutest and I know my friends will love putting them to use after the cookies are gone.
For something at a lower price point, you could try these pretty tins. HomeGoods is also brilliant for this kind of thing, I've found some really fantastic plates and platters.

Ornaments are perfect if you want one gift for lots of people. Look for an ornament that has some meaning -- these sparkly snowflakes are perfect for that friend who invites you to go sledding every time it snows. She'll love something pretty for her tree and she'll think of you every year when she pulls it out. Anthropologie has great options, and I like a lot of the ornaments from Dot and Bo.
It's fun to give your BBFs the same piece of jewelry -- like this funky bracelet that has an old school friendship bracelet vibe -- because wearing it is a nice reminder that your squad is always with you. You probably have to get one for yourself, too.

A great book is a fantastic gift and a great way to tackle lots of names on your list. Rather than giving the latest best-seller-soon-to-be-a-major-motion-picture, think about giving copies of a book that is really meaningful to you (if you're a nerd like me, you could add a little note in the cover telling them why you think they'd like it or what makes the book special). I give A Dog's Life to every animal-lover in my life (it's hilarious, such a great little read). Everyone can learn something from The Alchemist. And I Was Told There'd Be Cake is perfect for any 20- or 30-something who's still trying to find herself.

One of my go-to gifts is these cashmere gloves from Uniqlo and a great scarf. They're practical, sure, but Uniqlo's affordable cashmere makes a basic feel a bit more luxe. When I lived in NYC I would add a pashmina (there's a vendor on every street corner and you can find some seriously pretty prints) -- today I'd probably go with a cozy blanket scarf.

I'm not super crafty, but I like to flex my inner Martha every so often. Handmade gifts are so special, and they can also help stretch a tight budget. Several years ago I made my own snow globes (using these instructions from Martha herself) and they were a big hit. I really loved this tutorial for festive ball ornaments on The Stripe (bookmarking for next year). Each year it seems like the people on my list have fewer and fewer needs, so I think next year I'm going to attempt some more homemade options.
If you're looking to give the same gift in multiples but still want to add a special touch, you can't go wrong with something personalized -- initials, monograms, and nicknames make a present unique. You could buy a handful of these delicate initial rings to daintily decorate the fingers of your friends (and these tiny boxes will make wrapping a breeze, too). Mark and Graham is a great source for personalized everything (luggage tags and passport covers are smart for just about everyone). And preppy J. Crew has been monogramming everything for years.

Photo calendars usually fall under the category of "great idea, kind of cheesy in reality". But I love this beautiful and modern little calendar, which will do your Instagram-worthy photos justice. You could make one with family photos for all of the extended relatives or throwback photos for all of your old college friends. And if you're a great photographer, you could make one with your best travel/nature/candid photos and give everyone on your list a bit of your artistic spirit.

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